*Rumor* The Order: 1886 delayed

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Ah Sony... a lot of games they tend to show off, always seem to get delayed.

TLG, FFXV, Destiny, Watch Dogs, this... pretty sure I'm missing some. :p
they really can't be held responsible for three of those, which are third-party multiplatform games. the most obvious, recent example to come from them is drive crab.
Sad but like always, I would rather them take their time and put out a good product than just rush something out so people have something to buy/play in the fall. The Driveclub delay seems to have done wonders for that game.
The first tweet sounds like a bit ironic to me.

Like, I was told by someone who works at gamereactor, so it must be true.

(I don't even know what gamereactor is, btw XD)
Damn, that's super disappointing. Was really looking forward to it. For the best I suppose if it leads to a better game. Well, I really hope Sony has something else to fill the hole come this holiday. (Come on Project Beast...)
I feel like it would have got completely overshadowed tbh. But does that mean the only 1st party game they have for end of the year is #driveclub?

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What does Sony have coming for autumn?

There better be a new Uncharted. I haven't touched my PS4 for 2 months now. Not buying games either. What are you doing Sony.
Well, it will hopefully be a better game for it. In the long run I think thats important. From Sony's point of view, they clearly don't need it for the platform to sell, although I don't know what else they have planned for this holiday outside of Driveclub. Perhaps Until Dawn is now on PS4 and due this year?
I still find it unbelievable that the only game planned for this holiday season by Sony was The Order: 1886.

And even harder to believe is that this one and only game they had originally planned for Holiday 2014, is now delayed to 2015.

I can't help but feel - or rather hope - that they'll announce a new exclusive this E3 and release it this fall.
The year of 3rd Parties. Destiny, Batman Arkham Knights, Reeeeeeeeeeeeeemasters, and the Crew. These machines are less than a year old, let em have the time to familiarize themselves with hardware.
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