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*Rumor* The Order: 1886 delayed

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Did you miss the other thread that was closed? It was filled with folks unhappy about the footage. It doesn't stop here with GAF, either. Twitter was alight with complaints and the CTO even came out to say that he doesn't care if you think the game looks like liquid shit, they're still happy with it anyway.

There's always a vocal minority that has a lot to say following a big name reveal, but I'm not sure I've ever seen it this negative. How they released it was also a source of unhappiness. I can agree with them there.
If you go back and see what they announced last year, you'll get your answers.

err, the only X1 exclusive confirmed for this year is Sunset Overdrive. Seriously, why am I the only one noticing this?
Because some people have their goggles on too tight. For everyone "concerned", I wouldn't worry, WW Sony will still easily outsell MS and likely they'll also do so in NA (we will have a better idea in the coming months).

For sales, sony only needs the big multiplats, some of you guys seem to think games like Forza and SO are going to light the world on fire. Hint: they're not, TF didn't. Sony will be fine, sales wise

Now, personally this is pretty disappointing, but if it makes the game better then fine. I was really lookong forward to this as the big Fall game (for me), but at least late 2014 is still plenty packed. 2015 is going to be great.
The Order is the best looking game ever, I really didn't read many complaints about it's visuals. People were saying it was boring and derivative, but four months isn't going to impact that at all.
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