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Rumor Clickbait Hype Rumor: Valve to announce Half-Life: Alyx at The Game Awards on December 12


Dec 7, 2008
You also have to add the graphics card update for it. Mid range cards won't cut it. 60fps is the minimum accepted frame rate and you need to feed 2 screens.

I agree about the second part but they should not make it VR only. VR can still be the best experience though.

ja you will probably need a 970ish for this at least if you want a decent experience, 1080 ti is closer to what'll be expected

i'm half in and out re: vr exclusivity, there's ways to do it both ways but i'd rather see them go all in and do it right


Aug 30, 2010
I can’t believe valve is finally pulling out Half Life to support VR something that only the elite can even enjoy. What the fuck.

valve has totally changed as a company but fuck it if this game is good I’ll buy a wholeVR setup just because I love half life.