[Rumor] Zelda: BOTW cancelled for Wii U

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Found on this japanese blog, no confirmation yet.

From the blog:

"Wii U version of Zelda : Breath of the Wild cancelled ! Reason is technical problem on developpement. Decision taken by Top Management.

Amazon, Biccamera等はWiiU版を削除!
There is also massive cancellation of pre-order from Amazon, Biccamera, Yamada Denki... Game no more listed on homepage.

Waiting for official confirmation by Nintendo"

Note: at the time of reading this the game is still "available" on Amazon.co.jp, yet I have no proof about pre-order cancellation.
I don't think there's a chance of this but booooy I think I'll stock up on popcorn just in case because that shit will certainly lead to the most hysterically angry gamer outrage in the long history of gamer outrage
Not buying this "rumor". It's too late in the game to have some bizarre technical issue cancel the Wii U version, and Nintendo can't bank on new Switch owners alone to buy the game in the numbers they need.


Rockefellers. Skull and Bones. Microsoft. Al Qaeda. A Cabal of Bankers. The melting point of steel. What do these things have in common? Wake up sheeple, the landfill wasn't even REAL!
If true I wish Nintendo to bankrupt
Its probably not true. The only time that the game was shown on the Switch was on Jimmy Fallon. The rest of the promotional material comes from the Wii U. The game is pretty much done were just waiting for it to be released.

Worst case, they'll put out the Wii U version a few weeks later like they did with Twilight Princess on Gamecube.
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