Rumor: Zelda coming to both Wii U + NX, choose between male/female link, VA for NPCs

Who would you like to be the female character option in Zelda U?

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I would say its coming to NX was inevitable.

Not sure how I feel about the characters having VA's but as long as Link is silent I think it'll work out.
These three rumors are exactly what most people were asking to see from Zelda. It's so great to see Red and White Nintendo is back and they listen to fans!

Please now show me the game!
After the whole NX controller thing, I don't believe jack. I need more proof than this.

Yes, I know who she is, but words aren't enough.
#1 lol who didn't think this would release on NX? waste all that overworld and time for a wii u title?

#2 an ex of mine wanted the main character to at least be female or have an option so thats good to have

#3 voice acting should have been standard for NPCs, they can only have so many lines, its about time

bring on E3
VAs for NPCs are fine just as long as Link doesn't speak.

The only problem now is there will probably be a bigger gap in between the Japanese and Western release.
I can get on board with the voice acting if it's good and can be turned off but choosing between male and female I don't like. That's not because I have anything against the character being a girl but it needs to be either or and not a choice.
The only surprising bit is that you can choose between male and female Link, voice acting and NX version were a given imo. And taking a look at Nintendo's latest efforts to offer both male and female representation, this isn't that shocking, neither.