RUMOUR | DRIVECLUB release date leaked?

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A user over at PSNation just posted this image:

With the explanation:

I was checking on Driveclubs twitter feed just 20minutes ago, and when I checked back on it it said 1 new Tweet, so I clicked on it. When I did this showed up, I screen capped it then frantically went to google to find if it had been announced anywhere else. When I got back the tweet wasn't there.
Link to thread:

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bish gets all the credit :)
You really think they're going to gleefully announce an additional 6 month delay?

edit: maybe they mean inferior Euro time.
Is that American or European date system?
I would have to think it would be European DD/MM/YR based on the devs. And announcing a date in September would be.. odd. If it was delayed that long having a date announced a half year ahead of time wouldn't make sense to me.

But, April 9th? A month away makes some sense, but a Wednesday doesn't sound right either huh. September 4th is a Thursday... also not a typical release day.
I hope hope hope this is true

If it is, I'm literally getting flooded by games in these coming weeks now. And it's looking great for PS4 overall too.
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