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Rumour: Gold and Silver Mario amiibo on the way?


Fellow gaffer KT$2448 posted this in the amiibo thread:



This is some certificate for two special amiibo: Gold Mario and Silver Mario.

This definitely looks legit... and it's from the official Nintendo website, so... yeah. Protect your wallet... unless it's some reward for Club Nintendo, as suggested by some.

I believe Nintendo said they were going to release some Limited Edition amiibo, and looks like we have the 2 first ones
(no Rosalina in NA don't count)


Dat gold

It can easily be a club Nintendo prize , Nintendo of america doesn't have to follow their own words

Do it Reggie

Lol gold x silver edition means errrrrrrrrybody (character ) could get a gold or silver version


Oh dear lord. I can only imagine the chaos that will ensue if these are chase figures and not a separate SKU. All of the Amiibo amateurs are not ready for that hardcore toy collector life.
Jesus what does a limited edition Amiibo entail? Like 10 of em?

They will send five of them to retail in the Nintendo World Store on a random Saturday.

The other five will be sent to five YouTube personalities who will destroy the packaging on camera while saying "Heh. Mario is such a terrible character. I don't know why anyone likes him."
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