Rumour: Junction Point Closed Down (Epic Mickey Games, Warren Spector's Studio)

Sad, but not surprising after Epic Mickey 2 underperformed so badly. Hope the talent moves on to better things (and hoping for much, much better from Spector in the future).


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This is very sad news, but I fear Epic Mickey 1 and 2 failed to meet the expectations of many people.
Man. :/

Not that it'd really be surprising, but it's disappointing Warren Spector + Disney turned out so badly. The first game had potential to be brought out too, at least as a 3D platformer, but that was squandered in the sequel.
They haven't had any job postings in quite a while and John Pleasents refused to confirm the studio was an ongoing concern, so this is likely true.
Sad to hear. As the times go on and console specs get more powerful, this is going to continue.

Epic Mickey laid good groundwork for a sequel, but I guess they messed that up pretty horribly. Still, nobody deserves to have their whole studio shut down because of one bad game.


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This is very sad news, but I fear Epic Mickey 1 and 2 failed to meet the expectations of many people.
I don't know about the first one but me and the kids tried the demo of the second one and it wasn't great.
Damn, shit sucks man. Hopefully they'll all land on their feet. Personally, I never really understood what Epic Mickey was and I that it didn't really need a sequel after all of the initial Concept Art hype during the pre-release window of the first game was gone and dying down.

Also hope Spector will come back soon, would love to see him go back to FPSs.


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Aaaaaaaand here we go. Very sorry for them, especially for Warren. I hope they'll obtain to find new jobs pretty soon. Unfortunately, EM2's results must have been too much lower than what forecasted.
Epic Mickey 1 was alright but I wanted so much more from it. Epic Mickey 2's demo completely unsold me in it, and the 3DS game even moreso. I think they just got too big for their britches too fast and didn't concentrate on really making something as good as everyone was hoping for.

Wouldn't be surprised, sorry Warren.
Damn, I was really excited about this studio. Warren + Disney just seemed perfect match in an odd way. It's a shame Epic Mickey 2 didn't work out, it always looked a bit of a mess. I doubt they got much support from Disney.
Sad to hear that people are losing their jobs but I can't say I didn't see this coming. I might have been fooled by the promises made by the first Epic Mickey game, but I definitely wasn't going to be tricked into buying the sequel, especially after they put out that awful demo.