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Rumour: L.A Noire Remaster Coming to Nintendo Switch says Rockstar Leaker (Twitter)

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A remaster of 2011's L.A. Noire may be hitting the Nintendo Switch, says the tipster known by the handle Yan2295. He tweeted yesterday:

According to what I heard, Rockstar might be releasing a remastered version of L.A. Noire on the Nintendo Switch.
Yan2295 helps run the Grand Theft Auto Network France and has been known to leak GTA and Rockstar news in the past. His leaking record does have some rough spots, but he has been correct on some important leaks, such as reporting on the existence of the Bikers expansion several months before it was announced by Rockstar. Still, despite the source's track record, this falls firmly into the ”rumour" camp until confirmed by either Rockstar or Nintendo.

Source : http://controllercrusade.com/l-a-noire-remaster-coming-to-nintendo-switch-says-rockstar-tipster/


He seems to leaked some things related to GTA Series in past.Lock if thread is aganist rules.

Would you buy LA Noire Remaster?

Edit 1 : Another Twitter/Source says also this


"Regarding LA Noire Remaster, the title is sounding like it'll come to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Release slated for late summer."

Another source says it's coming to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One this summer


I felt it was a game I appreciate more than I actually liked.

Didn't like GTAIV or L.A Noire really. Rest of Rockstars output is aces though.
If this is somehow true, I hope it ends up being a remaster for Xbox and PS4 as well. That would be the strangest title for Rockstar to revive for just the Switch.


Of all games why LA Noire? That doesn't seem like a game anyone would really care to revisit nor does it seem like a game Nintendo fans want to play.


I wouldn't be surprised at Rockstar giving Nintendo backhanded support like that.

"Let's see how you can handle L.A Noire before we give you any of the big stuff".


Of all the titles Rockstar could be porting/remastering for Switch, I'll laugh the hardest if it is LA Noire.

Not because it is bad game but because it is the one that makes the least sense to me.



Of all the platforms to get a remaster like this switch seems like an odd choice.

Fake as hell!!!


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Out of all their games that's the one they decide to port to Switch? LOL


That's a weird one to remaster, while obviously it'd be less work than a full blown remake of something like Vice City or San Andreas, you'd assume that Max Payne 3 would do better sales-wise as a remaster.

That said, if this is true, it's a good thing that I haven't played Noire yet.


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I think this was hinted (by Vern?) also around here.

Anyhow a L.A. Noire remaster is such a poor idea. Who asked for this? A GTA V port would be 1000 times better.
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