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[RUMOUR] New Future Guerrilla Games Projects

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I don't know if someone already shared information about that, and please take all these as a rumour without any 'solid' proof.

In an Italian PS5 Facebook Group there is a member that 'apparently' is working for Guerrilla Games (based on his profile description), he not asserting anything, and he just randomly post screenshots a with short descriptions.

To recap all the info shared until now:

1) Decima engine has been upgraded and its new version has been named Decima Next (HFW use the previous version)
2) Horizon 3 coming at the end of the current gen.
3) Killzone Reboot.
4) New IP codenamed Kairis

He also posted a screenshot of the new Decima Next engine with the following description: Testing Decima Next, in-game alpha version

I asked if it's a random testing scenario or a screen of the Kairis project but no answer so far.

Here the screen:

He also posted few HFW model rendered with the new Decima Next:

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Sony studio need to move on something like UE5 or similar tech The difference in quality and in the number of polygons is clear ...that rock face is light years from what we have seen nanite is capable
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better that way, it was obviously underwhelming
Agreed, if you are going to fake something at least make it look believable, those pictures make Decima look worse than it currently is. I have no doubt Guerilla are updating their engine to fully utilise the PS5 (add raytraced lighting, reflections, shadows, modify the streaming to use the SSD more efficiently etc.)
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