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RUMOUR: New GG IP To Include Female Protagonist And "Exotic" Creatures


From Shinobi602:

About that Guerrilla game...

Sounds unique, has some lush environments, robot dinos, other weird exotic creatures. Red headed female protagonist.


Some more info:
It's still an RPG.

It's *planned* as something's ready, but things change last minute. Should expect a full reveal E3 2015 with a Fall 'target' release

Regarding E3 2014:

There's a trailer ready, but whether it's shown or not depends on other things. They can change literally hours before.


Lush environments?

give it to me!

Deleted member 80556

Unconfirmed Member
That sounds great! But I wonder if it's a co-character or are we really playing with a female character. It's fine by me either way.
I've asked this in other threads and I don't mean to be that guy, but I only know Shinobi as the dude who posted a million threads a day. Since he's not posting on GAF anymore (or banned?) we've had a ton of threads using him as a source.

How does he get his information/what does he know? And why does everyone assume it as truth?
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