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Rumour: No physical release for Batman: Arkham Knight PC


Last time I bought retail PC game was... well I don't even remember. I only buy Limited Edition or something like Diablo III.
We had this no UK DVD copy with a Codemasters F1 game a while back. Strange thing is the English version was still made and printed which I was able to buy via a supposed EU retailer. I found that to be a bit shady, like they're trying to steer people into buying digital for a bigger markup around launch. Both Watch Dogs and the F1 game were £25 at release day but the consoles and PC download keys are around £40.


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I haven't even thought of getting PC release physically in a while.

Never really knew there was a market for them as they usually can't be traded back for any value.

CEs seem to be the exception to the rule though.


good, the physical on pc just brings no money, its the digital. get on with it. physical on pc needs to die.

Steam or Die.

These sentiments really bother me. Why do physical or non-steam editions of games 'need to die' if:

1. There are still people who favour physical copies or different publisher platforms?

2. Disks are a good solution for customers dealing with bandwith caps?

3. Shops, be it on- or offline, and delivery services can employ people because of them?

4. It can encourage competition between publishers and/or retailers?

5. They are often cheaper, both on day one and on sale?

6. They sometimes (physical) or always (GoG) are drm-free?

The list goes on.



My main gaming platform is the PC, and all of my games are physical editions. Sometimes I stare at my beautiful collection and lose the notion of time (well, not like that, but you get the point :p)

Oh BTW, if the op is true, then that's a bummer for me :(

It's so much nicer having stuff on display,not on a screen. Hell, I've gone so far as repeatedly skim Ebay for an Akiba's Trip Vita box because I own the digital version.

I just like boxes man!


I didn't even bother putting a disc drive in my PC when I built it two or three years ago. I can fit another hard drive in that empty space! I've only bought 3 physical PC games, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., and Fable. That was back in 2005 or 6ish when I got my first laptop.


physical releases are still around??

Well I just received an email from Best Buy stating that my Windows Pre-Order for Batman Arkham Knight was delayed until 6/23.

Not sure if this is just for the PC version or if this will extend to other versions. They still haven't updated their website though.

Yes, I still buy PC physical editions due to my BB GCU discount.


It's gonna take forever to download otherwise! Especially with the rich graphical textures this game has, it can easily be 20+ GB. I am not gonna wait 2 days to download this game. That is why I rely on physical media.


I love my steam and use it as much as possible, but discs all the way for modern games. 50 gigs blows through my monthly allotment and 2 bucks a gig after that.......so I guess im forced to get the ps4 version


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ITT: People dont realize that Europe still has a sizable physical PC gaming market.

In this thread, Americans discover that physical PC games are still a huge thing everywhere else in the world.

pretty much.

I don't understand why PC still uses discs at all. I'd never consider it. Steam, that is all.

It's not hard to understand.

people with Bandwidth cap and slow internet. a person will internet Bandwidth cap or slow will rather install from the Discs instead of waiting 24hours or more downloading and wasting 30~50GBs of data (this is the size for many AA games now, hell GTA V migh hit 60GB)

and speaking of Steam, many of these disc releases from big publishers are steamworks so this mean you have Steam key in the box but you just use the discs to install and still get steam features.


Most certainly is here in Australia. I've got the Batmobile edition pre-ordered for PC, unless PC doesn't stand for my computer anymore.

My mistake, it's not the case in Europe. Hardly surprising considering PC gaming is mostly digital.


You may have heard that Warner Bros, the publisher of the title "Batman: Arkham Knight" decided to release this game in digital only format.

We wanted to reassure you, as you've pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Knight (PC DVD) in _____, we'll still be able to send you the the physical PC game, as Warner Bros have agreed to publish enough physical products to fulfil orders placed up to 30 March 2015.

As the format was restricted to digital only on the 30 March 2015, we can no longer accept any further orders for the physical game.

Just got this email from Amazon uk.

Dr. Kaos

Code in box


Looks like we're nearing the end of the CD-ROM multimedia age. Apple removed them from all their laptops, just like they removed the floppy disk.

Blu-ray doesn't store enough, can't be burned fast enough and can't be read fast enough.

Thank god for cracked games. They are the only thing preventing games from disappearing from our cultural heritage in the future when all games are digital only and DRMed to death.

Obviously, I'm not encouraging piracy. most savvy PC gamers crack their legitimate games so they don't have to keep swapping DVDs every time they want to switch games.
"Limited physical release for Batman: Arkham Knight PC; pre-orders only, up to 30/03" would be fine. I've updated the OP.

I'm confused though. I'm a Best Buy GCU member, and I just logged onto bestbuy.com and I can still preorder the physical edition of Arkham Knight. In fact, I'm going to do so right now to make sure I don't miss out on a copy. Or is this a UK only thing?


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I'm confused though. I'm a Best Buy GCU member, and I just logged onto bestbuy.com and I can still preorder the physical edition of Arkham Knight. In fact, I'm going to do so right now to make sure I don't miss out on a copy. Or is this a UK only thing?

Could be. If there's no update for other regions within the next few days I would assume that's the case.


the last two pc games i bought were physical, simply because of GCU. i can install faster from disc than downloading straight from steam. they both activated on steam anyway so theyre tied to my library and i dont have a use for the discs anymore.


The last PC game I bought retail was SC2 back in August 2010. I don't know anyone who still buys retail.


The last PC game I bought retail was SC2 back in August 2010. I don't know anyone who still buys retail.

Me too!

And I don't plan on buying the last expansion for SC at retail. That damn box is still sucking up space and dust in some corner of my room. Must throw it out!


I would switch to digital 100% in an instant as I don't give a shit about "owning a piece of plastic" and I could not care less about collecting games, but my internet isn't great at all.


No idea where you guys live, considering physical PC game sales in Germany in 2014 were at 42%, revenue at 48%.
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