Rumour: PS+ EU games for March includes Deadnation for PS4.

Just like last month, we at GamePointsNow have managed to get a sneaky peek at this months Playstation Plus titles.

Once again Sony are bringing a handful of stellar titles free to European subscribers across all three of it’s platforms. Here’s the list that we’ve been shown for March:
PS4: Dead Nation
PS3: Tomb Raider, Brothers a tale of two sons
Vita:Smart As, Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD
Slap if old or fake.

Really hope that's wrong. Nothing I want on Vita and we already had a shooter in Resogun for PS4. Could be the worst personal month of PS+ yet.
Why why why did I spend money on crappy ass Brothers. Sure, I got it in the sale for cheap, but it was crystal clear it was headed for PS+ anyway. Tomb Raider I've already played, Dead Nation was okay on the PS3 but I've not much intention of playing it again on the PS4. I don't know much about those Vita games, but it doesn't seem like a good selection.

Not the best month.
Wow, terrible month for me if true. Already own Tomb Raider and Brothers. No interest in Dead Nation at all.

On the other hand, I guess Smart As isn't a terrible game to own.
The Vita barrel has been scraped pretty bare, there's only so many games they can find per month.
Yeah, I know. I missed out on quite a few so I'm hoping they get so desperate they loop some back round.

Hell, on a barren month like this, I reckon they should do a bonus "PS+ Classic" game that's already been on the service once just to increase the perceived value.

EDIT: Or hell, do like the JP PSN and give us some PS1 games. That'd be nice.
Dead Nation would be a solid choice just like the previous PS+ titles on PS4 ...but since I already played it to death and don't expect any big improvements to the original game, I'm hoping it's something different.