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Rumour: PS4 Slim leaked ?


I like this. Hope the Neo goes for a similar look but bigger of course.


my hard graphic balls
So yea this thing will probably be available to purchase right after the reveal if they are already being shipped to stores. I like that.


Still no USB in the back... Neo better have it.

I also hope Neo isn't too much thicker / bigger than the original PS4 cause that one fits perfectly in my entertainment center, and not much else would.


Few people were saying that there will be slim version released with Neo.
Hereeeeee... I said it was the best stray for Sony to release both in October together with PSVR.

Well said MS may release a slim at E3 because common sense and people said it was impossible too :D


Putting HDMI Ethernet power ports into a 3D modeled case is not easy. This ain't the Neo, but it would be a very well done fake. PS4 Slim, methinks.
From the box I was thinking smaller, but disc slot makes it look not so tiny and a believable slimmening, the current motherboard would almost fit in there.
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