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Rumour: The Last of Us 2 getting announced before E3 2017 (PSX2016?)

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[Firstly, lock the thread if there cant be threads about insider posts on the forum]

So it looks like the game is getting announced before E32017, according to a post from a very trustfull NeoGAF insider (I dont think I should say the name, right?)

In response to a post from an user suggesting TLOU2 would appear at E3 2017, he said: "Maybe you dont have to wait that long"

And there is only one event big enough from now until E3 to warrant such a big announcement... PSX2016? Of course they could announce on a magazine or something like that, but it is freaking TLOU, I would guess they would want to make it big. Dedicated event, maybe?

Anyways, let the hype flows I guess!




I don't think it should be a problem you mentioning which insider talked about this. The information is HARDLY anything to go by.

Nicky Ali

more like The Last of Us Poo haha got 'em

Also as much as I liked the first one, it would be hard not to see any sort of sequel as a blatant cash-grab. Why not something original? That doesn't involve dudes with guns? Naughty Dog haven't made a game like that since 2001


extra source of jiggaflops
At least invent a train or some shit for that rumor.

Originating on GAF by a poster on GAF that posted in a thread that is readable by all but somehow secret.
Shinobi posted this. It was vague like usual. Never intimated it would be at PSX necessarily.

You guys really gotta stop affording such weight to insiders.


From the same guy who brought The Order 1886 Is Amazing back at PSX 2014, here's to you: TLOU To be Announced In PSX 16.


Feel like it's way too early. Just don't want that over hype feeling, Because as soon as I know it's officially coming, I am going to want to play the next GOTY within a year.


Nice. TLOU is the best game Naughty Dog ever made. Hopefully they can make a worthy follow-up. Also, TLOU2 NEEDS a co-op horde mode!


As long as more last of us is coming, I'm in! New characters, new locations, new story. However ND handle the sequel I just really want to get back into that world.


If it's announced at the game awards next week it'll be probably be just a 5 second title teaser and nothing else :(
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