RUMOUR: Xbox One leaking liquid? - Two cases reported so far

Jun 6, 2004
Looks like leaky caps.

And I've gotta say those caps are in a horrible position, they should be out from underneath the heatsink/fan. Could be a potentially big problem or it could be people pulling off some epic trolls. We'll see!
Dec 16, 2009
Lol wtf. 2 cases reported. Relax.
The majority of customers with an issue simply phone up a hotline or get the console replaced/refunded and that's that.

Only a smaller proportion in these cases actually report it to a wider audience, usually the more tech savvy types.

We dont know the amount of consoles affected. It might only be 2, it might be 200.
Jul 27, 2013
Sydney, Australia
I'd say it has something to do with the capacitors. There are couple rows in the mobo.

Smoking gpu/cpu would not really make any sense if it's just a cooling problem.
Indeed, looks like a capacitor burst, presuming they're vents on the top it would leak right through.

Can be caused by incorrect voltage on the board, or an error in the capacitor manufacturing process, but these can cause shorts and in theory fires, could explain the smoking video. Worst case a whole batch is screwed and may need a recall. Best case just a couple from a batch were screwed and nothing to worry about. Hopefully it's the latter.
Apr 4, 2013
Years ago I worked at a plastic molding factory and some black plastic when heated high enough actually turns white.

I used to see it all the time and never quite understood it myself. The product was a hard dark black plastic shell and occasionally when you exposed it to heat and especially when removed when too hot it would get this kind of bubbly white goo on the end of it. No one was bright enough to tell me why since it was factory work and I honestly didn't care at the time.

Would explain the smoke though. Its getting hot enough to start melting the plastic in some cases I bet.
Sep 9, 2013
Every bad news is going to be the ass storm until CBOAT reveals what he was actually referring.

Two cases is not enough to call this something important, probably some defective units. Warranty should take care of it.
Dec 16, 2009
This post made me very confused until I realized I had the "cloud to butt" extension for chrome installed.

infinite power of the butt. amazing.

The most damaging or troubling Xbox One information is always based on "rumors." :p
The most damaging and troubling Xbox One information was in fact presented to us by Don Mattrick at the original unveiling. No rumours there.

Obviously it's been reversed now, but every single thing that has gone wrong for Microsoft started with that introduction (and thus, the DRM revelations). It's their own sodding fault.
Oct 4, 2012
The fan is not moving fast enough to push liquid upwards..main reason they went with a larger fan was to give better cooling at a lower RPM to reduce noise levels/cooling effectiveness. A fan needs to be running pretty damn fast to cause a liquid to be pushed up and through it.
A fan just needs to get lucky to drag a drop upward, depending on the fluid's cohesion and in some circumstances the cohesion will break down. Once it's in a fan it's going through no problem.

Also, you don't know whether the liquid was an outright vapor before reaching the vent.