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RUMOUR: Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts is 720p, PS4 version is 1080p?

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Sep 28, 2010
Next Gen Starts in less than a month(nov 15), and it's not the xbone, since its basically not really next gen, it is but just that.

R dott B

Jul 23, 2010
So if the X1 can't even run games at 1080p properly? Is it going to hold back games like FF XV or KH3? I mean the 360 held GTA4 and FF13 due to it's media storage. Is M$ going to throw a bunch of money at SE to bring back the games to the capability of their pseudo next gen console??
Oh no, not the dollar sign.


Dec 26, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
I still think the most interesting thing about all this is the rumor that Titanfall is aiming for 720p. If that ends up being true on top of Ghosts being 720p...

That should make you nervous.


Apr 7, 2008
Those two posts you replied to were an answer to a member saying (not sure if it was you) that Penello's appearance was admirable.

Indeed I did and I'll stand by my comment that his appearance was admirable. As others have pointed out though, his reply was not. A simple "I cannot comment" would have sufficed (but also would've lended more credence to the rumor).

Either way I suspect it's true, at least to an extent. I am as perplexed by this as I am by the PC requirements for Ghosts. The game looks like shit and I've never had a problem running previous shit looking COD games before on my rig. What exactly caused the massive increase in requirements? DX11?


Aug 16, 2009
My point, if it's not glaringly fucking obvious is that there's more to gaming than a slight performance loss. If I ditched my PS3 because the 360 runs fucking GhostBusters, MW2 and GTA4 16% faster, I'd be a total idiot.
Exclusives Exclusives Exclusives is the answer here, the online stores, the friends lists, the features (I think the apps on the Xbox One could end up being big) maybe the pricing, the controller, what your friends have - but really, EXCLUSIVES.

I tire, so so tire after idiot thread upon idiot thread whining for 1080p 60fps or bust. It'd be nice but jesus fuck me gently is it not mandatory or needed.
I'm buying a PS4 and I have _NO_ qualm if they ship me Uncharted 4 or GTA6 at 720p, 30fps - it's about the detail in the world, not some stupid arbitrary technical detail.
and of course the games, the games, the games.

Sigh, it's like a huge bunch of ex-PC gamers who demand 60fps on their desktop have invaded the console space.

1080p resolution may not be important to you, but I wouldn't call it "slight".

It's a large part of the reason why many people are upgrading and shelling out 400-500 dollars for next generation systems.


Jul 21, 2012
You're not going to last very long at this rate. Just stop. The fanboyism is getting out of control. Console Wars in full effect I see. I have no plans on getting a One but this is just too much.

Ok ok ok. I'm just asking. Didn't those things really happen last gen? If not then I'm sorry for stating this. Because if I'm not wrong, that's what happened.
I bought a PS3 specifically for Versus an exclusive. Just to see it pushed back on another console and made multiplat. This didn't bother me at first since the X1 will be using bluray and a bunch of devs said that multiplat games will be fine this gen and yada yada yada.
Now u got things like CBOAT facts and this.........
FF 15 is my baby... I can't stomach another disappointment. I can't

edit: I can't put dollar signs? I'm sorry I'm new here I'm not allowed too?

crazy buttocks on a train

quite possibly the greatest username
Oct 21, 2004
The resolution will be what it will be. It will be known when Activision wants it to be known.
We arl rdaedy know.
Titfall also.
not cooll2 hodl back on tstuff we acnt interact r tel truaths with, evnev if itns the job to obs>ffducate.

translaperncy is berter when dealing wtih this positition. whataev er tho


Nov 10, 2006
EDIT: <Looks above him and smiles....hmmm well that's put the cat amongst the pigeons>

Anyone believe this affects people off neogaf in anyway?

Because it does not.

I am of course talking about in terms of which version they will buy.

The world is NeoGaF who cares what's going on out there. Not matter what you'll have to face your NeoGaF brothers and sisters knowing that you supported 720p infertility. ( I let my spell check correct that...I kept the change. Fits)


Jun 4, 2011
He is incredibly naive if he believes the 720p resolution and performance loses are limited to just Call of Duty Ghosts. Multi-platform games will look notably worse on the Xbox One if this rumor is true.

That is the issue here. Hell, the Xbox One has games I want as well. No one is saying any different. But what we do know is that there is a hardware difference, the RAM solution is inferior and now we might be starting to see glimmerings of these things bearing fruit. The chance that multiplats are looking to be inferior in general on a console that is $100 more than it's clearly more powerful competitor is big news.

I want an Xbox One for it's exclusive games as well, but not with all of the baggage and at that price. When it's cheaper, then we will talk. This is a problem, if it holds true... period.
Oct 9, 2013
If you're seriously going to ditch a console just because of a small performance difference and take glee in it, I can't see you being much of a fan / gamer. Seriously.

The posts in this thread just utterly cracking the shits over a single LAUNCH games performance is madness. As a big PS3 fan we had to deal with a lot of fucking berating assholes giving "our console" shit for years on end but in the long run? Most of the games were much the same with a small handful of exceptions.

You people, all you people should base your decisions on EXCLUSIVE games, you should base it on the OS / functionality, usability, features - not just the resolution of one particular multiplatform game.
I can't believe I of all people am defending Microsoft here but seriously ..... what the hell are you Xbox fans or simply just COD fans or something? There's more to an entire console platform than one game.

Hell, as a Sony guy, I'm gonna miss the shit out of Forza :( christ you'd think the Xbox One was complete aids reading this site sometimes :/

Well I just sped through the last 5 or so pages of this thread and this seems like one of the few non completely batshit crazy posts. People making a big deal out of this are really out of touch with reality and how much 720p and 1080p matters to the casual gamer. Or did we forget so quickly about the wii...


Sep 24, 2006

Now sit two feet back 2 or 3 feet back. It's very hard to tell the difference! Not defending the xbox 1 here, I just think a lot of people are giving too much importance to 1080p vs 720p on a tv. Does 1080p look better than 720p, of course it does. Does it make a huge difference to the majority of gamers? no

Is Xbox 1 fucked? yes! I think the power disparity is going to show in more important ways, ie Framerate, and Effects.

The foliage looks really bad in the lower res pic, and I can see the flaws plain as day looking looking at my 13" Macbook about 2 feet away. It'd be even more pronounced on a big TV screen...

As for if the average gamer will notice, with the PS3 and 360 the resolution differences on nearly all multiplats were minor, 720p -> 1080p is a huge difference. More people will notice than you realize I think.


Apr 1, 2013
Oh please...how much longer is gaf going to attack me over one comment? LOL. You can view all my post history. I'm not hiding that I'm a fanboy lol.

haha I'm just teasing! it was just funny because I just read the tweet before I read your post

We arl rdaedy know.
Titfall also.
not cooll2 hodl back on tstuff we acnt interact r tel truaths with, evnev if itns the job to obs>ffducate.

translaperncy is berter when dealing wtih this positition. whataev er tho



Neo Member
Sep 2, 2012
You guys do realize that Lowe never confirmed that the internal rez of CoD on PS4 was 1080p, right?

He said the footage was captured at 1080p, same as you could do on a 360 or ps3.

Technically speaking, it's entirely possible that Penello and Lowe are referring to the exact same thing.
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