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Rumour: Yo-kai Watch 1 Coming to Switch

Bullet Club

Oct 24, 2017
Yo-kai Watch 1 Coming to Switch

Level-5’s official VTuber Dennoji Reto says on her latest video that the original Yo-kai Watch game that released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS is coming to Nintendo Switch on 20 September along with Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and the Nintendo Switch Lite console. We’ll have an update once this is officially confirmed from Level-5. Video added below along with a promo video for the 3DS version of Yo-kai Watch. Many thanks to Naruki.

Source: Japanese Nintendo


Nov 21, 2014
Please be true! Was discussing this with my mates last night while playing and I told them a collection must make it to the Switch! I need all of them localised