Rumoured PS4 box arts - KZ: SF, DriveClub, Infamous, WatchDogs, The Crew, more

Sorry if some/all of these are old (I know COD Ghosts is, but it's here for completion's sake) - they're all courtesy of Zavvi. I'll post only the ones that I think may be final artwork, the rest will be at the link at the bottom.

The following have "Provisional" under the PEGI rating, but I assume that relates to the rating itself - not the boxart - as some other games have "Final artwork coming soon!" on them. I am assuming those are the ones without final artwork.

All games - some (maybe all, who knows!) with non-final box art
I like the blue. Seems to go with everything. Sort of like how all the old Sega CD boxes looked boss as fuck even if they were shitty games.

I almost thought they were going to use different color for if the game is exclusive because on amazon the boxes for "Killzone" and "Infamous" have a grey strip instead of blue.

And for the love of glob keep one fucking box design this time, Sony!