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Russia Recruited YouTubers to bash "racist b*tch" Hillary Clinton


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Jun 7, 2004
Who paid Diamond and Pearl tho? Or are they just a special kind of special?


Oct 25, 2016
How long until we get a thread that says "Russia recruited trolls to post on popular internet forum Neogaf".
Jan 16, 2007
Instead of building a wall along the border of Mexico maybe western countries should start building firewalls around Russia. Shut them out completely. Maybe it's harsh but basically, expand economic sanctions to some sort of digital sanctions. Make digital sanctions so VPN providers can't sell their goods to Russians.

Because essentially another country is successfully meddling and manipulating voters in other countries with propaganda.

Or you know Silicon Valley could ban the fake accounts (lol)
Facebook was a huge mistake. It's so easy to spread shit to idiots.

Even an ounce of critical thinking among the populace would have done wonders.

Instead, people don't give a damn whether something is true or even sensible. As long as it fits into what they want to believe, then it's good enough.

Russia stuffed the channels with as much nonsense as they could. They knew none of it was true, and likely would get torn to shreds, but the audience they were aiming for didn't even bother to scrutinize it.


Sep 20, 2006
Okay at this point there's no way to view this election as anything but stolen, I'm amazed even after all this she still got the popular vote.

We don't even need to jump to that conclusion for articles like this to be important. As it points out, this channel got around 500 views per video, so this channel isn't a great example of Russia succeeding in their influence campaign. But it does show just how far Russia was willing to go to try. Russia doesn't even seem to have stopped these tactics, as we still hear about Twitter bot armies spamming alt-right propaganda.

I like to think of articles like this as a medical postmortem as to how a patient died from an infection.We can't bring them back, but we can learn from the situation to prevent that infection from causing more deaths.


Nov 21, 2004
I've never heard of these guys -- but the quoted excerpts suggest writing that's pretty obviously not English as a first language.

From the article, it looks like they might be natives of Nigeria. So perhaps recruited by the Russian government to read scripts and post to youtube and facebook?


Feb 8, 2009
Russia understands the weaknesses of democracy and free speech better then any democratic country other then Germany and they have gotten really good at attacking those weaknesses with the advent of the internet. Russia is playing a brilliant hand to destabilize the USA and its working so well the signs of collapse for this country are getting more and more evident. Russia is going to win the Cold War when the USA doesn't even think its still in the Cold War with the internet and social media. Completely unfettered free speech with no fairness doctrine in the media like the USA preaches simply does not work in the internet age.

Well said, ....Comrade.

Now, I have to go twirl my mustache some more.


Jan 2, 2007
First of all, there's a shitload of a Russian propaganda on YouTube. Just look at the Putin praise videos, or the videos praising douche bags like Tucker Carlson or Trey Gowdy. What I'm wondering is why daily beast is focused on these 2 low level video makers, and also, in curious as to just how they were linked to Russia. How did the Russians recruit these guys? I don't doubt they are propagandists, but I'd like to see the evidence.

Daily Beast said:
Williams and Kalvin’s content was pulled from Facebook in August after it was identified as a Russian government-backed propaganda account, The Daily Beast has confirmed with multiple sources familiar with the account and the reasons for its removal. Williams and Kalvin’s account was also suspended from Twitter in August. But the YouTube page for Williams and Kalvin remains live at press time.

Who knows if they're even American? Money is obviously the easiest recruitment vehicle. People need to be better about embracing online personalities. The "milkshake duck" phenomenon is so common because people erroneously treat all sources of content as equally valid.

Please tell me you weren't roped in by any of this stuff. I seem to remember you regularly reposting conspiracy stuff from Mensch.

Edit: social media's responsibility to filter fake and hateful content cannot be understated. FB, Twitter, and Google are all complicit in letting this stuff fester because it helped the bottom line. By being "neutral", they aid hostile parties.


Jul 31, 2007
I don't know what's more frightening, the efforts Russia took or the fact that our populace allowed it to work.


"playing" dumb? unpossible
Nov 24, 2006
Edmonton, AB
And if you think they limited themselves to just the US election...the Brooklin Bridge in North Carolina is 80b$ for sale just this morning! Don't miss the low low price!
President Macron straight up called Putin out to his face about Russian middling during the French general election.

Ploid 3.0

Jun 6, 2004
May be China is doing the right stuff by heavily censoring social media.

Makes you think doesn't it. Though we can't do that, we just have to find away to allow this type of communications, all while making sure foreign players aren't able to easily manipulate US citizens. Counter the trolls, spies, and so on.


Dec 9, 2005
How long until we get a thread that says "Russia recruited trolls to post on popular internet forum Neogaf".

I thought that was already known? Neogaf has definitely banned people with russian I.P.s, borken english, new accounts, who had the purpose of pushing the anti-hilary/conservative narrative.
Nov 23, 2011
Honestly wouldn't surprise me if that Tyrone guy from those Tyrone and Rog videos years back is on their pay.

Go on his profile now and it's a lot of shilling for Kekistan...

Tyrone is making boatloads of money from 4chan idiots. He used to do these things for 5 dollars.

Now it costs 35 dollars just to make a basic 30-word video and he charges ridiculous amounts of money for extras like wearing a Kekistan uniform. You have to spend more than a hundred for a fun meme now.

He is extremely likely not related to Russians at all, unless they're one of his customers. It is profitable to be a dank meme.