Russian Head Transplant Doctor Looks Identical to Doctor in MGSV - KOJIMA!

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Hillarious topic guys, I've just registered to join discussion.

What I found on my own:
During the conference seen on youtube video someone posted earlier Canavero used "eye opener" phrase several times.

That what I found in VGA phantom pain trailer:

I also found phone number when I was searching for doctor Canavero:
+39 349 4717819

Maybe somebody will give it a try?

Not sure if CG or real.

Also Simini does sound awfully a lot like Gemini.
Im pretty sure "Joined date" is when you submitted your registration, so either Simini is a very lucky person and both submitted his account and got activated today or something fishy is going on.

I called it once... Italian guy that sounded like canavero answer me and conversation got cut 5 secs later.

I call it a second time... a different guy answered, speaking english. He hang up like 10 secs later.
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