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Social Platform RUST PS4: Player Team UP


Jul 19, 2010
Hello, I don't post here much, if at all since I was banned many moons ago by the admins of the site that shall not be named. I only recently read an old email that unbanned my account and decided to re-engage with this community.

Long story short. I've got Rust PS4 edition ready to loan in an hour and I'm looking for teammates. I played the game on the PC when it first launched on Alpha on the Neogaf Server. That was some fun times back then because the game was so new and the constant base raiding and fighting over supply drops was great. Building your base high up in mountains where people couldn't find you and playing solo was actually doable. Over the years I've tried Rust on PC and what I have learned is that playing Solo is not fun.

With the game launching on PS4 tonight I'd like to team up with some mature gamers. I'm 40 something myself and have 2 kids, a wife, and very little time to game. A few hours each night when everyone is sleeping and a few hours during hte week at home when I'm on my lunch break as I work from home.

My PSN handle is Opie211 if anyone wants to team up. I'm running on the PS5 so I'm hoping eventually the game gets a proper next gen update. In the meantime I'll suffer along with the way it is.