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Ryse: Son Of Rome |Reviews| It's going to be a bloodbath!


Dat 5/10 lol

Edit: Ryse got shit reviews, nobody is shocked except the guy with the Ryse avatar. Everyone can go home.
As repetitive and shallow as it is, Ryse is always blandly playable; its handsome looks and the daft vigour of the scenario will easily get you to the end of a game that doesn't outstay its welcome. The closing chapters even manage a kind of idiotic grandeur. Marius brings a reckoning back to Rome and ends up reliving earlier events at the Colosseum, where fanciful contraptions transform the scene like the set of a lavish Broadway musical, and there's a clanging reference to Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (as opposed to the trashy TV series which Ryse much more closely resembles). There's even an authentically Roman tinge to way Marius' story ends.

By the time you've seen that ending, though, you'll have unlocked the majority of Marius' upgrades, and there's nothing like enough substance to the gameplay to tempt you to run the campaign on another difficulty setting or to lure you into long-term engagement with the two-player arena mode. There's no brains, no muscle, no fibre beneath Ryse's extravagantly engineered good looks - this game rings loud but hollow. Crytek likes to contrast Marius' moral strength with the vanity and cruelty of Nero and his made-up sons, but Ryse feels like a product of their dying empire. It's just empty decadence.



Shacknews: "While combat is initially promising, it doesn't evolve or ever demand more from the player. Even as different enemy types are introduced, the formula remains the same."

I'd be OK with simple or repetitive if it evolves. I mean, Dynasty Warriors is simple and repetitive. But there needs to be some sort of evolution, somewhere, anywhere.


Worst game I played at Gamescom, so far not surprised by the scores.

Edit: Actually Lococycle was a bit worse but mostly because that game also looks like trash.


Can Crytek stop making games now? Work on your awesome tech but just stay away from developing new software.

Daffy Duck

But graphics over gameplay, right? RIGHT?

Not shocked it got poor reviews though, hopefully it will be part of GwG at some point and I can play it then. Certainly won't be buying it.


Ryse: Son of Rome had potential, but Crytek did too little to expand upon its repetitive combat. While I ran through the campaign in about five hours, it honestly felt like 20.

So much for that 6.5 to 8.5 hour campaign... no wonder they deleted the tweet.

Still better than Killzone: Shadow Fall. Real talk!

Rated pretty much right in between shadowfall and TLoU, clearly a great game
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