Safety Not Guaranteed |OT| A Movie Based on a Meme

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This could have been interesting to me if they had
  1. followed the guy who sent in the ad as he actually travels back in time for the second time
  2. told the story of the real reporters that tried to find and found him back when it was first inserted years ago
As it is this is neither... but the scores are still good. I might have to watch it. :(
I was gonna do this thread. Anyway, it might have been interesting if they hadn't written the film with this Audrey girl in mind. They basically wrote it as a vehicle for her quirky no-nonsense 'alt-girl who doesn't care' character. They had the nerve to call this film a sci-fi comedy in the radio story I listened to. This dude better go back in time, or I will go back in time and get a refund.
I'm definitely planning on seeing it because I'm curious how they made this into a movie, Aubrey Plaza is my girl, and I'm kinda in love with Jake Johnson now after season 1 of New Girl.


Saw this tonight. Pretty good actually. And yeah guess what
they do go back in time and there is a for real time machine
, which I really appreciated.

It's a movie that has some heart, and the humor is not nearly as pretentious as you'd be led to believe. It's a far cry from your typical "omg so indy" kind of movie. The interactions between characters are believable, and the emotional connections feel real.

I do wish that Push it to the Limit was somewhere on the soundtrack though.
I saw this last night and really enjoyed it. It doesn't do anything too crazy, but it had a lot of heart. On a side note, of the 12 people in the theater, one of them was Jeff Foxworthy.
Saw this tonight. Pretty good actually. And yeah guess what
they do go back in time and there is a for real time machine
, which I really appreciated.
SOLD. Expendable lied to me. I guess it was well-meaning, but he sounded definitive that there was no time travel. :lol
Saw this over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I agree that it has a lot of heart, and its well written, smart and satisfying on so many levels. Saw Prometheus the next day and I could use those same words to describe that disappointment. Safety Not Guaranteed was by far the better film in my opinion.


Thought Emoji Movie was good. Take that as you will.
It's funny, so now some of you are pretending to be too "hip" for these kinds of films.

I want to see this, looks quirky, funny, and charming. We used to have this movies back in the day, just they weren't considered indie.

You think the Breakfast Club wasn't a quirky, funny and charming little film with young hip actors?
Full disclosure: I enjoy a lot of indie movies. But there are a lot of the kind that could've used more direction. You know what I mean, I'm sure.
Watched it this week.

Surprised at how small the release has been, there was a single 9:45pm showing in one theater within 200 miles of my house (fortunately, it was the theater closest to my house).

Some relatively big names, including kirstin bell are in it, and its a humorous movie.

I definitely recommend it.

Its a romantic comedy pretty much....but its not a chick flick at all. Like someone said in this thread, think of it like breakfast club. All about relationships, but not pretentious and not a chick flick.

One thing I absolutely do not get is the R rating. Movie absolutly could have been rated PG. Not PG-13, but PG.
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