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Saints Row 5 Art Director Now Working on State of Decay 3


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Microsoft insider Klobrille recently announced via Twitter that Van would officially be joining Undead Labs as a Principal Technical Artist. Van had previously been with Deep Silver Volition for over twenty years, working on the Saints Row franchise since Saints Row 2, as well as Volition's The Punisher based on the comic book and 2004 film of the same name. Van also worked as Technical Art Director for Deep Silver Volition on nearly every project he was involved with for the twenty-plus years he spent with the company.



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Before the inevitable "why is it so important when X moves to Y" here's my thought:

A video game is like a movie in the sense that it can be driven by a few people who have a precise and devoted vision in their head.
That's why we have studios that are just a shadow of themselves, like Bioware.


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I think people missed the part where he was also the Technical Art Director in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.
The positive here is that he's not going to ruin a good franchise
Are the graphics bad? Yes
Does the performance suck? Yes
Does it have bugs/glitches? Yes
Does it have 10 hours of story/cutscenes? No

But still i spent ~100 hours with SOD2 + addons and enjoyed every minute of it, because the gameplay is addicting and fun. That's more time than i spent with my last 5 85+ cinematics together.
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