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Sakurai says you should watch Smash Bros.’ final character reveal ‘even if you don’t play’


Probably gonna be a custom character creator slot. Nah. Maybe the final fighter is Pong Paddle. Lmao...there's no way they could come up with enough moves for that. The way Sakurai says everyone should watch makes me feel like it's going to be something everybody knows about or something from the classic gaming days that various generations would be familiar with.

Or, hell...maybe that blue-haired, flossin' Ninja of Fortnite fame is in the game since he's soooo popular. Maybe it's something left-field as fuck like a fighter made up of all the Nintendo consoles from over the years. That would be stupid as shit but it's possible the final fighter will be something that doesn't even exist yet.

Personally, I hope the final fighter is Jay Kay from Jamiroquai....or Björk's whimsical ass. They both had a past penchant for squaring up with photographers/paparazzi, lol. Has jack shit to do with video games, I just wanna play as Jay Kay or Björk in a video game!

Or, fuck everything...and bring in Nagatoro as the final fighter. She could have a team attack with her friends Gamo, Yoshi, and Sakura. She's already got judo skills and bully skills. I kinda just need more Nagatoro in life, that's all.
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I don't play Smash, but it should be Reimu.
She is far more iconic than most of the characters they've added recently.


Square gets three reps and they're all shit. This pass really was a total bust outside of Kazuya and min-min.


I like Sora, but seriously? this is how you bow out?

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People have been talking about Sora forever, not my fav but it makes perfect sense, and I would imagine it's a hard one to get considering all the deals that had to be made. God stuff, a worthy final character.


You know if this had played out with Cloud, Sora, and Lara Croft instead of wasting a slot on Sephiroth this wouldn't have been far more palatable.


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Haven't played Smash in a long time and I don't think that's going to change. Sora while it makes sense is such a boring choice IMO. Then again I've always hated him so whatevs.


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Well it's still not a real fighting game :p

I'm kidding. I think if they do a version will all the DLC and extras included I will buy it as it looks really fun.


Luckily I missed it, but why should I have watched as someone that doesn't play Smash? Cool, some anime disney character....


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Technically still an anime character with a blade, so I guess it makes sense.

Honestly not a fan of Sora. Square reps should of been Cecil, Kefka and Crono. These character or more iconic to Nintendo.

I don't even like Smash too much but I'd have bought the game for a Chrono Trigger Character

Did anyone guess Solaire from dark souls?

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Edit: Lol and it was already announced before I posted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When the smash logo dropped down to a flame with a black background it actually looked a bit like a bonfire from Dark Souls.

Shame it ended up being cringeboy Sora from KH


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Should have saved Steve for the final reveal.

A sword character with some of hero's magic spells is pretty lame final hurrah for me.
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