Sam Mullen (Sega/Atlus) if you want Sega Ages Saturn/DC titles, tweet SEGA about it!

On another forum, there's a thread about Sega Ages titles coming to Switch, people were requesting Sega port certain Saturn, Dreamcast (and Arcade) titles since they said they would consider porting some of those if the Sega Ages series sold well enough. I left a big message saying that if people wanted Sega to listen, they needed to tweet them about it. Amazingly, Sam Mullen from SEGA/Atlus localization team popped into the thread and replied to my message saying yes, people should really do that.

So, if you want Sega/M2 to port certain titles, like Panzer Dragoon 1/2/Saga, Nights, Shining Force 3, Revenge of Death Adder, Skies of Arcadia, Sonic Adventure, etc., you need to tweet SEGA about it (and M2).

Message them on each social medial platform. Do it several times a week. Go to other forums and spread the message. (use hashtag #SegaAges)

If you are lazy, here's a template with a premade message, just insert the game you want:
Sega please release a Sega Ages _______ for the Switch.

Sega please release a Sega Ages Panzer Dragoon for the Switch.
Big companies can't respond to everyone that tweets them, but they do see the tweets and messages. The only way a big company will answer you is if you are famous.

I know you might think they should respond to you, but the fact is everyone thinks the same.
Shining Force Collection
Dragon Force Collection
Albert Odyssey
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Dark Savior
Magic Knight RayEarth
Shining the Holy Ark
Legend of Oasis
Sonic R
Guardian Heroes

PowerStone Collection
Skies of Arcadia