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Samsung 2022 TVs will have built in Stadia, GeForce Now and NFTs


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Launching later this year on “select” 2022 models, the new dedicated Smart Hub menu will include a section with gaming content in one place, it said, including connected consoles and YouTube Gaming content.

It will also feature cloud game libraries from Google Stadia, GeForce Now and Utomik, with “more to come”. That means players will be able to pair supported controllers to the televisions and play modern games without the need for additional console hardware.

Samsung’s 2022 displays will also see the technology trend of NFTs integrated. According to the manufacturer, 2022 TV owners will be able to purchase, display and “trade” NFT images direct from their devices.

Won-Jin Lee, corporate president at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement:

“We know that gaming continues to increase in popularity for our customers and we have bridged the gap between our Smart TV leadership and advanced gaming software to create an easier way for people to enjoy the games they love, faster. We developed the Samsung Gaming Hub with our incredible content partners to benefit all gamers, and we plan to continue our collaboration to grow the ecosystem.”



Explain it to me like I’m 5: none of the software these TV’s run are demanding at all. Why don’t all TV’s stretching back like 5 years get the next years updates too. Very, very few people will buy a TV more than once every 8-10 years. It’s a stupid carrot to dangle cause no one bites. It just pisses off your customers. Every manufacturer is guilty of this.
Stop buying Samsung TVs
2018 Q8FN was the last one worthy of consideration. Since then… nah. Just keeps getting worse.

Even back then though they got spanked by sony in processing, color accuracy, uniformity and black level in game mode. But the contrast ratio and hdr pop was great.

But to be fair Sony keeps getting worse as well the last 2 years, hope ces tomorrow redeems them.
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My tv does not need all that.

samsung tvs full of bloatware anyway.. not buying one and wont be anytime soon.
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Magic Carpet

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Can I buy the upgrade to Earc NFT?
I'm still waiting for my Earc update 's'AMSUNG. with a small 's'. I hope this is diSreSpectful with a capital 'S'.
I'm going to hack my Q70 someday and get rid of all the crap on the home screen and maybe even enable Earc on my own if possible. Hack hack hack serivice screen I hear.
Mini Led or some new tech if you want my money in the future 's'AMSUNG


Whelp looks like MS is late to the party again. Whats the word with them putting gamepass/cloud gaming on sets?


Yes, still no Vision but surprisingly they added Dolby Atmos. So maybe there's a chance for 2023 and beyond.
True, but they are also working towards pushing hdr10+ into gaming. Samsung has been extremely stubborn with Dolby. We will see where Samsung goes but more than likely 2022 will not have DV.


As someone who as an Android Bravia, avoid it or just don't connect it to the Internet, the entire TV becomes a train wreck.
At least we still have LG/Panasonic.

As someone who has a Android TV a Sony x900h I love it. No issues you have and I can download whatever APK I want or use the playstore. I have Kodi, No As YouTube installed and etc.


Pro tip for anyone with a Samsung TV. Factory reset the TV and don't agree to any of the terms and conditions. It removes all the ads and you don't need to deal with any of their other bullshit apps.
That actually works? I recall booting my Q90T and first thing it wanted was the T&C approval, couldnt even see regular picture with it.


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Well... any hope of the 2022 Samsungs focusing on what makes a TV great has just left me.

I hope to god Samsung are being paid to have these features, because no consumer asked for this. Well my Q90T is still perfectly fine so I can wait to see where the TV market goes over the next couple of years.
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Samsung using ADS panels in all but the flagship Neo QLEDs and now Sony having a 4K VA miniLED (LG has QNED miniLED but thats IPS panels) makes buying Samsung more and more pointless. Great reflection handling but you could just get blinds and buy a better TV instead.
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