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Samurai Shodown launches for PS4 and Xbox One in June, Switch in Q4 2019 and PC later; 44 minutes of gameplay and staff interview


For folks in the EU wondering why they can't pre-order it yet.

You can, they just spelt the name wrong - search for 'Samurai Showdown' and it turns up.


All that says to me is they have a shitload of dlc lying in wait after that first season pass for people to pay for. Probably any missing classic characters.
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I've never really played a Samurai Shodown game before, but I am really looking forward to this one. The game looks fantastic. I just pre-ordered my digital copy tonight and I can't wait to play it. BTW, what's with all of the hate for King of Fighters XIV? I loved that game. I thought it was pretty damn good myself.
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