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Samurai Shodown V Special is one of the most fun, accessible, and balanced fighters


Thanks for reminding me I have a copy of this from the NeoGeo Bundle ages ago!

Character wise, who's worth checking out? I like the look of Kusaregedo, and I'm sorely missing Gen-An.


That game needs ScaleFX on a big screen for me. I just can't get into these super old fighters. Needs a filter badly for my preferences.


That game needs ScaleFX lol. I just can't get into these super old fighters. Needs a filter badly IMO.

It looks excellent with 100% scanlines and no smoothing under the Normal setting. This uses integer scaling to scale it up cleanly without adding artifacts, and then the scanlines take care of the rest.


Game got updated. Nothing substantial. Just some macro and languages fixes

If you like tense, methodical, excellent paced hard hitting-samurai-badass combat, this is definitely the best fighting game ever. Every match is unpredictaboo (take that Geese) and intense. I mean, look at high level japanese tournaments of SSVS. They're more entertaining than any modern american movie! Once you learn the multiple mechanics, especially the concentration time, you will feel like a badass.

(Great quality video of a japanese high level 2017 tourney)

My favorite character is Mizuki

For begginers, game may feel hard agaisnt the cpu (even impossible), but every character has a special move that "breaks" the CPU and leaves them defenseless. You just have to found the pattern (like all the old games)

Aesthetically, yeah... the game may not be Samsho 3 or even IV (few games are that beautiful), but certainly I prefer this colour palette and atmosphere than any SFV, edgy nethearream game or run of the mile-anime fighter.

I only dislike the Kusaredo sprite, mainly because he has like three frame animation per move. Luckily, you'll never see him online (Still, I prefer him than the chunli with crocs costume).


Is VI any good?

I personally don't like it. It is really just a "festival" game. There is CERO atmosphere, NO BLOOD, horrible 3D atomiswave era backgrounds, mash up mechanicsfrom all games, etc. It's just a really ugly mess of a game and brings nothing new to the table. Really the ugly sheep of the saga


Even if the Hamster ACA neo geo guys release this, would that be a 1:1 arcade port? doesn't this game was oficially released in a censored version because the Nevada-tan incident? The AES version was also censored.

The PS4 version is a frankenstein port of both, the AES-oficially censored release with training mode and the uncesored "unofficial" unfixed version of the MVS cartridge.

If aca ever release this, it will probably be inferior to this version


Man, If SNK really wants to bring this franchise back, I wish someone would tell them that this game is the finger print for gameplay mechanics. Visually, just make it as pretty as SSIII and then you've the only fighting game you'll ever need, for ever.

Also I forgot: if someone wants his Bushido Blade fix... this game also can fit that bill
As a big fan of sam2, it wasn't the best SS. Nostalgia glasses. If I where to play something now and hope there was a scene for it, it would be 5 special.
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