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Sayonara Umihara Kawase+/Chirari |OT| 60 FPS Flamerate Rubbering Action

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Rolling Girl

Platform: Vita
Developer/Publisher: Agatsuma Entertainment
Release Date: April 21, 2015 (NA PSN only) April 23, 2015 (JP) ? (EU)
Price: $20 (NA PSN), ¥5,184 (JP)
Filesize: 394mb (NA)​


The base of the game is using your grappling hook to swing to static and moving platforms, ladders, spikes, and dispatch enemy sea-life by stunning them and dragging them into your backpack.
The objective of each field is to get to one of many doors that can lead to the next field. (Door A leads to one branch and Door B leads to another branch of fields.)

Playable Characters:


Features Added to Vita version:
  • The latest version of this classic 20-year old franchise
    [*]Includes the original ‘UmiharaKawase’ game – this was the first game in the franchise, released in 1994 for console
  • Created by programmer Kiyoshi Sakai (also programmer on ‘The Mosquito’) and character designer & illustrator, Toshinobu Kondo
    – creators of the original game.
  • Unique 1970’s Japanese visual style
  • 60 new and re-envisaged classic stages
  • Additional bonus levels available once the game has been completed
  • Global time ranking
  • New enemy placements
  • Unlock bonus features including some brilliant KAWAII style art and nostalgic audio with bonus sound track from the original game
  • Total of 4 playable characters, each with their own special abilities
  • 60fps


Sushi chef, schoolgirl, schoolgirl, schoolgirl who's secretly a time cop from the future. Yup.

Has Vita TV support been confirmed anywhere?


Rolling Girl
I thought ZeroAKA was doing the OT?

I'll probably pick this up. Always wanted to try the original.

I didn't see anything in the reservation thread and I didn't find an existing OT so I went ahead and did something quick.

Oops looks like typing Sayonara in the thread wasn't enough. Sorry Zero! If you want me throw your stuff in the OT that'd be fine.

Sir TapTap

How many MBs is the game? Where's the cheapest to get the retail ver. from?

Dunno about shipping, but AmiAmi has it for a reasonable price unlike Play Asia. If you have anything else for April from AmiAmi they're the best place to get it I'd think.


Gives all the fucks
I'll get this eventually, but I might have to wait for a sale. I will say $20 for an improved version + the original Super Famicom game is a great deal, especially when the 3DS version was $30 at launch.


I want to get the $20 american release, but I want to know if the japanese physical copy comes with english subtitles first.


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Yeah I just saw I missed it somehow. I think I misspelled something while ctrl+fing the last few pages and the OP wasn't updated with that info either. x:

Seems that Zero typed 2 of the words together thats why. Also yeah the issue of the OP not being updated does not help either.


Ive always heard about this but every time I look at it am not too interested. Though do suppose that has more to do with me being not into 2d action platformers like I used to be a long time ago.

One thing for sure is some of the levels look crazy from old videos on youtube!

Any word if it works with PSTV? I'm getting it either way, but it would be nice.

For those wondering about PSVTV compat, the JP site says it is for the JP version. Not sure about the US one. The US Store page has some weird non answer
Some functions and features may not be available on PlayStation®TV.



Playable Characters:
-teenaged/young adult sushi chef and main character of the series
-elementary school version of main character
-elementary school version of main character's best friend

This series has always been a little weird but now they're bringing time travel into it...


Rolling Girl
Well the NA version has languages but just English, French, Spanish, and Portugues, so small possibly of the JP physical version to have English.


This is my third time buying the game. Now, to wait 2 weeks for it to get here!

Are both of the previous Umihara games unlockable, or is it just the SFC game?


I ordered the JP version but I'm gonna go ahead and get this on PSN store too .
Because we have to support those games here .

I also never played this , Wanted to get the SFC version a while back but it was way too expensive on eBay .


It was claimed by someone who just posted the content for a banned member

not the first time he's done it, kind of ridiculous
I worked with baekshi. He contributed to the graphics, which I had difficulty doing by myself due to the computer I'm using at the moment.


No one wants a throne you've been sitting on!
Sorry, wasn't aware of the specifics. Why exactly is that allowed?

Actually it more falls under the general rules of the following

- If you make a thread on someone else's behalf, it's your thread. If there are errors in the thread, you will be held responsible. If the thread is the kind of thread that needs updates and the person doesn't deliver them, you will be held responsible. Don't volunteer to make threads on someone else's behalf unless you are going to be responsible for them later.

Though this does not say anything about if said user has to be an "active" GAF member or not. But in the past where this usually fell into is if a Junior Member wanted a Member to post something on their behalf which has happened before.

Mods in general do not like to be bothered in regards to OT issues when it comes to conflicts. Stumpokapow was pretty unamused the last time he had to come into the OT Community Coordination thread yet again to tell people how to behave.
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