SCEA patents amazing new advertising technology

Good news for Stumpy. He can play something better than Jeopardy PSN, and in return, he doesn't have to see ads.

Don't hurt me. :(
I dont care about used games, I dont care about digital only, I dont care ROPS, I dont care about power draw and I dont care about BC. But I swear to god if this becomes a "thing" in modern games, I'm done. If they find a way to integrate commercials that force you to do something to end or speed it up, into our games, I am 100% done with console gaming.
Patents would be better if everyone used IKEA guy.

I can just see him scratching his head when the controller won't properly flip the pickle.
The last picture shows a PlayStation 3 in the diagram? How old is the patent? Not all patents end up getting used/applied anyways. Some companies just like to keep it in case some other company uses the idea and they want to get loyalties afterwards.