[SDCC 2014] Xbox One Collectible Consoles"

I'd like the one that doesn't look tacky as hell. I'm sorry but those look ridiculous. I'd much rather have a game system that blends into the background, not stand out like a sore thumb.
Forza. Yum. Would've been cool if the vents were black instead of yellow, but still looks really good.

The rest are mostly meh, the ones that look like game covers in particular look really meh. Just keep it simple with a logo and a different color.
The forza box is the simpsons model of this gen, bright yellow, hard to get, kind of want.

I love the twitch design, it's based on their huge art wall in their office.
A few of those (Forza Horizon 2, Fantasia and Skylanders) would look nice if they took away the multitude of plastered on logo's and out of place game key-art... Also kinda wish they had gone with the Pink/White colour-scheme for Horizon 2.
Really like these, especially the Forza and MLG ones (Red and blue together is awesome), it's too bad there's not much I'm interested in on Xbox One outside of Killer Instinct and Master Chief collection.

Sony plz learn there are other colors besides black. White for Destiny is a good start. I miss the days when Nintendo had a bunch of awesome color variants for their home consoles.
I thik that all of those are terribly ugly.

However, the twich one is that weird kind of ugly that you like for reasons you can't explain. At least that's how I feel about it. It's a... good ugly, I guess?

I'd still never own it, but I like it the best.
They all suck. Logos everywhere. What is this, a box art? Geez. The Halo one gets a pass because the logo is really tucked away. ^This one is how it should be done.


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They all look so tacky. I have never had a branded console before because of how stupid they would look 2 or 3 years later