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Search "[your name] the hedgehog" on Deviantart and see what happens.

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Mike M

Nick N
In case you happened to miss it in the Amazingly AWESOME fan art thread, apparently if you search your name + "the hedgehog" on Deviantart, you will discover some... Disturbing results. So after numerous calls that it deserves it's own thread, here it is.

No one is immune so far. Try it, but once you see it, you can't unsee it...

I'd post examples, but it's too much work from my phone.

Juicy Bob




I had dozens to pick from. Amazing.

EDIT: Dear lord the comments are awful. People asking others to RP (sexually?) with their hedgehogs, people saying theirs have the same name...


Teh Hamburglar said:
why is your name Bolo?
Presumably because he drew it for this thread. There are no hits for Bolo the Hedgehog on Deviantart or Google that match that one.

EDIT: But there is a fucking Bolo the Hedgehog on Deviantart. Damn it.

The Technomancer

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Occasionally I think that maybe another fanbase like BioWare or My Little Pony might be starting to transcend the insanity of Sonic.




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I can't look at this while at work. Way toooo risky.

Someone do a search with "Nicolas" and post the terrible result please. Here's hoping there is no furry sex in there.
See, even in super form you look so cute in your diapers


yeah, yeah...

EDIT: WTF, I didn't realize sonic fetishists also were into diapers, seems to be a trend.
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