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Season Pass progression in video games are so stupid...


I fucking hate it.
It's so fucking linear, a single line and with gradual progress to earn content.
If there is content at the very end of the season I would have to tolerate a lot of shit until I obtain it.

I prefer games with a standard default (rookie armor, usually representing you are a newbie or greenie) and then diversifying your customization with out-of-the-box customization by putting points towards it right away instead of going through linear things you don't care about until the very end.
I hate progression where things are linear, so if there is a helmet you like, but it is at the end of the season pass, you don't have that customization right away, instead you have to tolerate a shitty progress system until you obtain it and then feel good about it.
If I have to tolerate a lengthy time to obtain the desired armor piece instead of putting progress right away towards it I ain't playing that game.
It seems that players would enjoy a game more if the thing they want they already have, then they feel like they can enjoy it.
I rocked certain armor pieces in Halo Reach that I enjoyed and found my experience much better than trying to earn it.

Does anyone else feel this way?
They just want to buy the armor with the in-game currency and not go through so many hoops or tolerate the shitty progression system.
Whatever happened to save this amount of X currency and when you have enough spend it on things you want.
Why does progress mean going through non-sensible things you don't care for until you get at least one thing you wanted. It's such a stupid and restrictive system of expression.


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Most progression systems are bad and I hate them. Online multiplayer progression slanted toward making you more powerful the more you play instead of how good you are makes it hard for people who don't play from day 1 to enjoy it. Tie that to poor matchmaking and battle passes that make you earn the content you pay for as part of the pass and it creates a grind that made me quit most online games.


For me they're ok, if the game gives enough xp to level up by just playing.

If you need to do limited time specific missions... Well...

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They ain't gonna do the option of choice for a season pass like a skill tree because people will complain that it's not all equal. So yeah... It's a linear path with the incentive to keep you playing.

It was a good idea to keep you playing a game long term back when Fortnite started using it but every game wanting to be a GAAS and picking it up was pretty fucking bad.
Thats the consequence of killing loot boxes. I feel we are aproaching the looking glass in terms of battle passes. While Fortnite still doing it best from the outside looking in, the rest are squeezing blood from stone. Even Apex, diversify youre battle passes man.


It would bother me more if I paid for them. I got 1000 Vbucks for free from Epic a few years ago, bought the Battle Pass, and unlocked 1200 through it. I then took that and paid 950 for the next Battle Pass. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. I have put quite a few hours into Fortnite and have never spent real money on it other than the Aloy skin I wanted.


Get used to it, as they will be everywhere if services like GP or PSNow succeed and more and more GaaS titles will be made.


I play mostly for the gameplay and friends, couldn't care less about Battle Pass or Loot Boxes. All of that stuff is bullshit.


I like paid DLC for a set amount of items I know I will get. Hate loot boxes. Battle pass in theory would work if implemented well and fairly.
You can thank the passive majority for accepting it as some kind of evolution of gameplay. You know, by the swipe of a credit card.

I'm more baffled how people seem to be incapable of playing a regular multiplayer anymore without some degree of monetization being involved.
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Imagine paying for the privilege to grind. When I buy a season pass or battle pass I expect to get all the content in that pass, not having to play it like a goddamn job in order to get everything.


While I really like how MCC handled it in that it was free and you can continue to unlock past content at your pace, I'm ok with it if it's done like Infinite since it's pretty much the same except 10 bucks a pass. I hate paying for content and not completing the pass in time losing everything I didn't unlock hence I don't buy them. However with Infinite I am more inclined to buy them since they won't expire.
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If the season pass were good they wouldn't make money off of direct skin sales.

At this point just buy whatever you want or just keep the default skin because who gives a shit in an FPS.
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