Season's Beatings: Summer Slam


Live from Columbus, Ohio. Team Spooky and Medina4lyfe will be this Godlike event.

Clockwork Technology PCs
Brokentier apparel
Hori USA
Bryan’s Video Trader
Arcade Legacy
DaRabidDuckie Modding
Console Combat

Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
King of Fighters XIII
Street Fighter x Tekken
Mortal Kombat 9
Soul Calibur V

All games will have standard EVO rules except for UMVC3 which will be 3/5.

WW.MCZ Laugh
WW.MCZ Infiltration
Evil Geniuses|Ricky Ortiz
PR Balrog
Complexity Live.CrossCounter Mike Ross
Complexity Live.CrossCounter ComboFiend
Brokentier Viscant
Brokentier Dieminion
Brokentier IFC Yipes
TFA|Razer BananaKen
UVG|Noel Brown


All times will be in EDT (-5 hours GMT)

11:00 AM – SSFIV (Pools 1 – 2), Soul Calibur V
2:00 PM – SSFIV (Pools 3 – 4), Super Turbo Qual #1
3:00 PM – MK9
5:00 PM – UMvC3 (Pool 1 – 2)
8:00 PM – UMvC3 (Pool 3 – 4), Super Turbo Qual #2

10:00 AM – Soul Calibur V Top 4
12:00 PM – Mortal Kombat Exhibition
2:00 PM – Street Fighter x Tekken Top 4
3:00 PM – KoFXIII Top 4
6:00 PM – SSFIV Top 8
8:00 PM – UMvC3 Top 8

This is my first thread so if there are any errors, please correct me.
thanks ismk!

Seems there will be some cross promotion between Spooky and Digicrates this weekend:

Hello everyone! We've had great feedback about our music featured on Sp00ky's stream. We're glad to announce a newly released album called "DigiCrates & Team Spooky Present: Beat Fighter vol. 1". It features the track by Alan de Laniere that everyone's been looking for "How To Calm Down After a Fight". More music will be premiered on the stream during Season's Beating this weekend. You can buy the album at:

And check out our other sites:

if you guys like the music spooky plays this weekend, here's where to get it
He didn't declare which steam he's using? I thought he was going with twitch now. Even though he had a bunch of problems Wednesday
I think Spooky will be using Twitch as well but I put Own3D just in case. When Spooky goes live, I'll edit accordingly.

EDIT: Spooky is live and is using Twitch.
I tried to put it subtly before, but the OP has STEAM instead of STREAM. I don't really care, someone might.

I also may not be in on the joke if there is one.

Is there any word on streaming ST? Are there any good players there? I think Damdai lives in NY or New England.
Switches on the stream
Makoto vs. Guile
Gets hype seeing a Makoto go at it
The Makoto choke and get bodied by Guile

How wonderful is that for the first thing I see on stream? :lol
Does anyone know what the ST Quals are for? Is this for the Tournament of Champions that Kuroppi is running? Since Damdai already qualified I wonder who will be playing.
Man, Banana Ken and this other guy are commentate like librarians lol. I'm enjoying the early AE matches, but man they could try to sound a little more energetic.

What's the cap for this tournament anyways? Seeing winners finals of a pool at noon feels so odd.


It is illegal to Tag Fish in Tag Fishing Sanctuaries by law 38.36 of the GAF Wildlife Act
Is anyone else having issues with the stream sound? Maybe its my headkrone... :(