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SEGA All Stars – Sumo Slamming Collection


Um, no one bought Level 5; SEGA bought Atlus XD!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the thread buddy :).

The All Stars Racing games sold very well for SEGA, with the original doing great on 360 and Wii while the sequel was one of the strongest launch games on Wii U sales wise and the PC version did very well for SEGA.

LOL. Sorry! my apologies . I meant Secret Level not Level 5. I was about to type Factor 5 first!


All-Star Racing was cool, Transformed was great. I didn't enjoy Superstar Tennis though, because of lack of sensation/feedback when I hit the ball...


transformed was fantastic

loved it

also loved laughing at all the salt every time they added a character from one of Sega's PC franchises instead of one of their old console franchises


Transformed is fantastic - excellent design of tracks that change across laps, far richer bredth of game series inclusions, and the transformation stuff really made it stand out.

I disagree saying the original had better music. The original had zero budget for music, and they just used game rips. The remixes in Transformed are amazing. Richard Jacques is OP! Original had too much of a hard-on for Sonic Heroes and Billy Hatcher too.


I loved Transformed racing as it was a blast playing it, though I am disappointed that nothing came out about DLC characters.

I own the game on the PS3 and Wii U, though I plan to buy it on the vita as well.

I did not like how Danica Patrick And Wreck It Ralph were playable characters, they are not video game characters nor Sega IP.
transformed is better than MK8. the only thing i don't like is the roster, too many clones. i never played the first all star racing and don't feel the need. transformed is dat good
I wish the PC version of the first All-Stars Racing was better. Not only did they cut online multiplayer, the game is completely broken on AMD graphics cards because of a shader caching bug they never bothered to fix. :/
If they make a sequel, I would like to see the following playable characters:
-- Kaz Hirai (PS exclusive)
-- Evilore
-- Gabe Newell (Steam exclusive)
-- Michael Pachter
-- Dennis (the NeoGaf poster)
Great thread, great games.

Like you I was disappointed with the omissions in the sequel to All-Stars Racing, especially regarding characters. With both games combined rosters in one there'd be a much better selection and representation but those holes are glaring in each of them. I liked that Transformed brought back Gilius and NiGHTS, but then again it took away the likes of Jacky & Akira, Billy Hatcher, and Zobio & Zobiko, who I ended up using a lot.

The games were really frustrating and difficult to play in parts but overall enjoying and great with friends. I completed the first one on X360 completely (I forgot about that annoying Achievement glitch, thanks for reminding me...), and have the sequel on 360 and PC. Didn't care for the guest characters really, it would be great to see Mario appear next time and have Sonic appear in the next MK game too.

The music for me, was ok, but somewhat generic even though it had its own sound, it wasn't something I'd listen to again or want to bop to on a whim. The realcrime in Transformed was the removal of "Samba de Janeiro" but I'd imagine that was from not getting the rights to it, but that's my tuuune and made me play on the Samba de Amigo stage all the time with my friends. Some of the House of the Dead and JSR music wasn't as good in Transformed either. It would be great to see a Space Channel 5 stage next time around, all the removed characters returning, and some sort of Streets of Rage additions.


Transformed is the best kart game of the last 15 years, imo.
It's funny as fuck and the SEGA universe is unbeatable in terms of fantasy and variety.
Even MK8 can't be fun as Transformed.

Sumo best husbandos.
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