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Sega Astro City Mini is coming to Europe, but at a higher price


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The mini system was originally released in December 2020 in Japan, and was believed to be exclusive to that region until US-based game distributor Limited Run games announced in March that it was selling a limited number of units in the west.

Limited Run’s site claimed that only 3500 systems were being manufactured in English packaging for the US market, all of which have now sold out. While this statement was technically true, European players will now seemingly have more ways to purchase the system, albeit at a higher price.

When the system launched in Japan it was priced at ¥12,800 ($120), while Limited Run was selling it for $129.99.

It appears that European Sega fans will have to pay significantly more for their system, however, as both Amazon UK and Argos are selling it for £139.99 and European Amazon sites are selling it for €159.99 (both prices are around $200).


While I am tempted by this, I would much prefer it if they just did a collection on PC and modern consoles. I really liked that Xbox360/PS3 collection of Megadrive games, with the unlockable games and interviews, and would love an arcade version.
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