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Sega GameWorks: The Slow Collapse of a Dream (Kevin Williams, Arcade Heroes)

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Just came across this article posted over on Arcade Heroes written by industry historical analyst/industry specialist Kevin Williams (whom I've read at least one article from years ago way back on Gamespot, also arcade-focused on Sega's late '90s arcade business). It goes into the history of the Gameworks brand, from its conception to its manifestation, active period and, eventually, its demise.

I'm currently still reading through it but thought it'd be a great read to share here. There is painfully little information out there on Sega's arcade ventures during the second half of the '90s, from a deeper perspective, anyway. So I'm always down to read through write-ups like this one which shed some much-needed details on that front. I figure Sega fans and retro gaming fans in general (as well as maybe some Disney and Universal types) would enjoy the read.

If you're also interested, the Youtube channel Defunctland has a half-hour doc on Gameworks as well which would be a good complement to check out. And while I need to pick it up myself (maybe sometime next month), there's the book Service Games: Rise and Fall of Sega which probably at least touches a tad on the Gameworks stuff as well. It's partially built from the old Eidolon's Inn's Segabase articles (that you can still find via Archive.org's time machine), but expands on them greatly.
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