SEGA looking into re-releasing Shemue & Shenmue II


disappointing this turned out to be bogus, but i definitely think sega is looking into it regardless.

between the recent appearances in all stars racing and project x zone 2, all the shenmue merchandising that's been bubbling up over the last few years, and of course shenmue 3 itself, i don't think sega are going to leave the first two games buried.

can't wait until more people play shenmue II. beats the shit out of the assumptions it's all about capsule toys, forklifts, and sailor searching.


If they do this, I really hope they get Bluepoint on board. They've proved themselves time and again with remasters.

Edit: Will teach me to open a thread and take ages to post a reply. :/


Honestly they would be stupid not to release HD versions of shenmue 1 and 2 with the amount of free publicity they would get with 3 coming.

The article talks about support VR are they only talking about Hatsune Mika or some other possible games?

get your shit together, sega
get all your shit together, and put it in a bag, and take that bag to the shit store, or or shit museum or whatever

but get your shit together already sega
"looking into?"


Sega, this should be announced, priced, dated, with a $100 special edition by now. There should be no "looking into" about this!


that puzzling face
Smells more and more like something they had second thoughts revealing at this point of time, for whatever reason.

probably still false :'(


Make it happen!

This will be amazing - never got to play the first two.

Planning to get Part 3 for PC so hopefully 1 and 2 comes to PC as well.

Edit: Wat? Its fake :(!!?!?!? NOO


I don't understand Sega's policy anymore, if they still have one.
They are killing Yakuza in the West doing pretty much a stealth release only hardcore fans know about, with zero marketing. Their PC port of Valkyria did well, but they refuse at least on trying to port one Yakuza game on PC or any other platforms like XBox One.

People ask for Shenmue 1+2, the time is NOW because of Shenmue 3 hype, they do nothing. Bah.


I have no interest in shenmue 3 right now simply because I never made it past the arcade in shenmue 1. If they re-release the first two and I can get them at a reasonable price on steam (or a ps4 if i ever get one), then I'll play them and see if I'd be interested in more. Would be nice to re-release so this becomes a possibility.

Edit: Oh, possibly fake. Ok. Lame.


Please believe.

Hey, we're Shenmue fans. We've waited 15 years for a sequel and finally got one. Keep the faith, it'll happen.



Please believe.

Hey, we're Shenmue fans. We've waited 15 years for a sequel and finally got one. Keep the faith, it'll happen.


There's no way that SEGA would let Shenmue III profit from only those that played the originals. They will bring back the first 2 games, simply to get a lot more new fans so when Shenmue III comes, they can make more money. That's my conjecture, and I hope my logic is sound because I do want 1 & 2 HD to come, since I missed the Dreamcast.


I hope so. I never played the original and I'm not going to track down a Dreamcast to play it. If there is some kind of rerelease I will try the series to see what the hype is about. If not then I'm not going to jump into Shenmue 3 without playing the previous entries in the series.
It reminds me of this post (yeah I did some digging)

Afaik, it's mostly due to legal/copyright reasons.

back in '12 you may remember that Sega went into a port spree. JSR, Nights...they thought it was a great idea, with very low risk and nice proft potential since, well, they don't want to fund traditional AAA anymore. Multiple ports were in development, among them was the canceled Skies of Arcadia port.

Shenmue case was special since not many people know this, but apparently the engine for both games uses licensed technology. It's not Bink Video or Sofdec codecs, apparently it's related to the very own engine.

Well, the thing is, according to what I've been told, the owner of those technologies folded years ago, and it's not clear who owns the copyright now.

Someone shown Sega a working Shenmue prototype for Xbox 360...but after disappointing sales by JSR and Nights, they didn't care enough to bother with the legal hassle. So it never went through the prototype stage, and the Skies of Arcadia port was canceled.

And I guess my dream of getting Model 3/later arcade games ports went to shit as well ;(



I don't know what's going on here.

Not sure why we should believe some Shenmue fan group over the original article. I doubt that they know anything more than what the article mentioned. Only thing that might make it look doubtful is that there's no direct quote of the SEGA guy saying it.
I mean, while I don't think it's likely at all that it would happen, I would want to see it someday. At this point, kinda like square's FF7 remake, it just feels like leaving money on the table.


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SEGA of Europe's PR doesn't refer to the petition(s) about Shenmue HD, but the one about many titles of their legacy catalog, that goes with the hashtag #SEGAPCPorts on Twitter:

A year and half ago, SEGA of Europe has acknowledged that petition:

Not very long ago, SEGA of Europe also dropped a hint on Twitter about PC ports released in the future:

Fun fact: that petition doesn't explicitly mention Shenmue 1 & 2 HD as one of their requests.
A year and half ago, SEGA of Europe has acknowledged that petition:

Well let's make a petition for Shenmue 1&2 HD then. PS4/PC

NeoGAF and ShenmueDojo should join forces and start one. There was practically an alliance between the two back when we had the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter thread in support of the game (with many posters here being members over there making it easy to interface between the two). Just thinking if Sega do actually acknowledge petitions then a Shenmue HD petition hitting something like 20K signatures could prompt a response. Hell they responded to the example above when it only hit 1K. Good idea?
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