Sega of Japan wants to know which game you wish to see revived


The results of the general election will be announced during the 48-hour live broadcast Segafesu. (November 20 (Sunday) 6:00 am scheduled)

!!! FYI: You can write the name of your favorite serie and character if he/it/she is not present in those lists

The "revival" question is the number 3.

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- Question 1 (Series):

- Question 2 (Characters):

- Question 3 (The "Revival" question):

The last two questions are sex and age.

Sega has been trying to provide a "play" since its inception in 1960, that there is always a new charm. This time, when "Segafesu" held mentioned the collective efforts of the current Sega group, will hold the Enter Ting ment general election of Sega group that remains in the mind of everyone.
We would appreciate your answer to each of the following questions.

Game software as well as hardware, toys, services, shop, network, such as video, from all of the entertainment that everyone has experienced up to now, please tell me the work by all means remain in the hearts of everyone.

In each question, but it lets you choose individual work names for reference, if you choose the "except for the following work" on the first of the item, you can fill out freely. From a variety of entertainment that has been born in the history of more than 50 years, because that can pick-up is only a few, that is, it is our pleasure where I am rather to read the free answer of everyone.

The results of the general election will be announced during the 48-hour live broadcast Segafesu. (November 20 (Sunday) 6 am scheduled)

Segafesu Secretariat
Panzer Dragoon, Jet Set Radio, Burning Rangers, a NiGHTs that doesn't suck, Phantasy Star that's not online (or at least a US release of PSO,) and VF.

Q1: パンツァードラグーン (Panzer Dragoon) in RPG form.
Q2: せがた三四郎 (Segata Sanshirô)
Q3: シャイニングフォース (Shining Force)
Voted for Panzer Dragoon -> Kiryuu Kazuma -> Landstalker.

op, those options are not for revival choices I think
question 3 lets you type in.
Yeah the first question is which franchise you <3, the second one is which character you <3, and the third is what game/franchise you would like to see revived.
Why would Persona or Yakuza need reviving?

And I wouldn't want modern sega going anywhere near Skies of Arcadia unless it was just a remaster
Jet Set Radio
Skies of Arcadia
Phantasy Star (non online)
Virtua Fighter

I'll never ask SEGA for anything else if we see entries in some of these ips.
Either the original Phantasy Star series or Shining Force...

Neither of which are listed, seriously fuck off Sega.

Fuck it I put Shining Force as every fill in question.
None of the franchises or characters in the first two lists are considered "dead" by Sega. That's why they are on the list, because they want to gauge popularity. The game revival (something dead you want them to bring back) is the write in vote on the third question. Come on, amateurs!
I didnt know Etrian Odyssey was dead.

edit: whats with the misleading thread title? Its just asking what series you're especially fond of.
Oh, its the 3rd page...