Sega of Japan wants to know which game you wish to see revived

In this VR climate I dont see how the answer isnt Panzer Dragoon. Especially with Rez doing its VR thing. The way that game is structured makes it an obvious vr title that could also find life as regular game.
Just FYI from someone that programs surveys for a living. Most research analysts screenout respondents from outside of the target country in data cleaning. I mean, you can still fill it out, but it may or may not count unless your IP says you're in Japan.
For everyone complaining about missing games, the third thing you fill out in the survey is a blank space to put in your own IP you wish Sega would bring back.
Question 1: I said Panzer Dragoon, because Crimson Dragon had a lot of unfulfilled potential. I love that art direction.

Question 2: I said NiGHTS, because this year is the 20th Anniversary

Question 3: I wrote in "Jet Set Radio Future HD Version" because it's a thing that has to happen
Yakuza, Bayonetta, NiGHTs. Normally I'd say I want a Jet Set Radio revival, but I think tons of other people are gonna be saying that so I decided to mix it up with another one of my favorite Sega franchises, if not just for the music a new NiGHTS game would bring.
Without a doubt I want them to bring back sakura taisen. Especially if it's a game with the original cast of the teikokukagekidan in it. I would be so happy for that to happen.