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[Sega Saturn] Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together just got english patched

In recent years, translation projects for the Sega Saturn have exploded with many releases complete and many more on the horizon. I never even knew this game existed on the Sega Saturn, but here it is [patch link here], in all its glory with some exclusive features and readily available for english players. With so many more still stuck in Japan, this remarkable 5th generation machine remains the holy grail of retro gaming.

Translation Description:​

This is a complete English patch for the Sega Saturn port of Tactics Ogre. This translation uses the PSP translation for its text where applicable. The technical details are as follows:
  • Support for 1-byte character encoding.
  • Support for DTE/MTE.
  • Increased the internal resolution of the game to 352×224 (original 320×224).
  • Support 4MB Extended RAM Cartridge to reduce data loading time.
  • Support Hard Mode (enemy level increased by 20%.).
  • Increased the character’s remaining HP limit (up to 60%) for highlighting on the battlefield when using the “L+Z” button combination.
  • Displaying the leader plate on the main character panel (like in PS1 port of the game).
  • Unlocking a hidden option that allows you to saving the previous team formation. You can load the profile with “X” button while placing units on the chessboard.
  • Unlocked a hidden option to view current reputation in Warren’s Report mode.
  • The ability to saving in battle without exiting the game (only for Hard Mode).
  • Temporary saves are no longer deleted after loading (only for Hard Mode).

Differences between the Sega Saturn version and the PSP Remake/Modern Remake:​

  • Same exact Super Famicom original art and sprites, but at a higher resolution.
  • Rearranged Super Famicom tracks to CD quality, and added some more in the same style.

Differences between the Sega Saturn version and the PS1/SNES version:​

  • Better quality music.
  • Voice acting in important cutscenes.
  • No freezes during the battle (unlike the PS1 version).
  • The visible area of the battlefield is increased by 37% (сompared with SNES / PS1 versions).
  • Extended names for items and spells.
  • Reduced data loading time (compared with PS1 version).
  • Art gallery in Deneb Report mode (enter the character’s name as “D_REPORT” after beating the game).


Another great Saturn game translated. I will be playing this later this week.

By the same people who made the excellent Vandal Hearts translation on Saturn.

There are still other great JRPGs to translate on this console. Great work from the community.
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