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Sega trademarks Shenmue III

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don't taint this thread with a Kanye gif.



If an hipothetic shenmue is on the making, I really doubt that launching the original 2 releases will be a great idea to capture people's attention, since the original games had aged badly, in the sense that even though the concept was super revolutionary on 1999, now those games could feel really slow or badly designed by modern gamers (hell, even in 1999 some thought that)

I think that a better idea will be to find a way to show the most important parts of the original 2 games in shenmue 3, playable if possible

Now all of this should consider the big IF shenmue is released, at least I only want to know how the story end, if ryo could avenge his father, or something like that


Sony/Sega, make it happen. Do it, i want a good game with a lot of quick time events
Oh wait, we have Ryse. Damn it Cyborg, you said a GOOD game
Trying not to get hyped up, trying not to get hyped up, trying not to get hyped up...

Don't get hyped. This is going to end up getting removed from the database because it's fake.

Anyone can register something under another's name. It was done to both Blizzard and Valve recently. The OP should really mention this as to not get people hyped over what will probably amount to nothing.


Isn't the Cerny, Suzuki thing scheduled for 1 hour?

How are they going to go a proper post-mortem and then announce 3?

Unless the post-mortem is just a deception.

We know how Shemue 3 is going to end anyway, Ryo will kick the crap out Lan-Di and then pull back just as he about to end his life, because Ryo realizes revenge is a bad thing.

That is unless there is a Shenmue 4 planned.


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lacks applicant ref numbers, so it's fake. Also y'all who believe this don't talk no sense. All got poo brains. Poo brains.
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