Series in which you went from rabid fan to having a casual interest. What lost you?

Pokemon. Was a huge fan up to gen 5, but then XY came out and that was a big disappointment for me. Sun and Moon were okay I guess, at least they were a step in a different direction if nothing else, but they didn't do much to rekindle that flame.

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Final Fantasy is the right answer

Pains me to say it since I spent so much time on every game except for 11.
1 got me introduced.
2 Jpn wasn't my cup of tea
3 Jpn is surprisingly enjoyable and loved the jobs
4 was actually the second one I played but after playing what must've been the 5 port/release/enhanced editions, I'd had enough. I did get the Pink Tail though :)
4r with Cecil's kid or whatever...DOESN'T EXIST...!
5 I was obsessed with and got the Eng Translation.
6 is the pinnacle for me in terms of nostalgia
7 kicked everything into overdrive but I don't feel it ages as well
8 I got to the 2nd disc and gave up because the systems were just unappealing
9 was a return to form though I wish everything was faster
10 was great and I beat it twice and even did some of those insane challenges
10-2 was a nice diversion but everything felt way too samey
11 skipped
12 was a surprise and fantastic but it really falls apart halfway through
13 existed
13-2 existed
Lightning returns skipped
14 had a rough start but I did enjoy the time I put in but I can't stand paying for MMORPGs
15 I'm sorry for fans of the game, just isn't very good. The battles are flashy and can be fun but everything else suffered from story and music.

I was just having breakfast and was thinking about getting the 12 remaster....but I just can't... :(
Zelda. I adored lttp, la and oot but it was wind waker that really dampened me on the series and nothing really recaptured my enjoyment of it since. I feel as if dungeons in the series have got progressively weaker since Ocarina and in hindsight it was those dungeons that were the things I really enjoyed about the series.
COD after MW3 I haven't liked any of them as much. I am hopeful for the new one though. Once jet packs and all the future stuff got added I just couldn't get into it.
Resident Evil. Been playing the games since the original and was actually heavily involved in the series' early online community, interacting with many series veterans, writing FAQs and online documents about the series lore, etc. I started falling out of gaming (and consequently, the series) around 2006 or so, and by the time I came back in 2010 the series had moved in a direction that didn't call to me as much, plus I had developed other interests in that time as well. The series still holds a special place for me, and I'm very happy that Capcom has decided to return it to its horror roots, but yeah, definitely not as involved with it as I once was.
Hmm, that's a tough one. I'm kind of in and out of love with Resident Evil every few years. Was all about RE1 & 2, checked out on Code Veronica, RE3, and whatever the hell else was in between RE2 and RE4. Was back in for RE4 & 5, checked out completely after 5 but will probably play RE7 at some point.

MGS, I'm still down for that. Even MGS5 which seems a lot of people hated, I loved. Mechanics and story (although it was hardly the best MGS for story).

Gears of War I was super into the first but after a few months of GoW2 online I was starting to check out and had completely lost interest by GoW3.

Played the shit out of Tekken 2 & 3. Haven't played Tekken since TTT.

I guess the biggest is Bioshock. I was a huge fan of the first game, but haven't had any impulse to play the Remaster that came out and I never even played 2 or Infinite. Just no motivation to play it.

I don't know, I don't have much series loyalty I guess. I can't think of a single series I've played more than 3-4 entries in and that's pretty much just MGS, RE, and mainline Mario games.
Resident evil.

Can't name a particular one just the fact the franchise has been totally milked with spinoffs, rail shooters, and sub- par mainline installments.

Haven't played 7 yet though so I'm looking forward to that based on reviews.
Final Fantasy lost me at VII, won me back with IX, then has lost me again, since. I prefer the high fantasy themes over the sci-fi or modern they seem to love now.

Street Fighter lost me at V. I got the game at launch and the complete lack of modes killed my interest. The fact that story mode only had 1 round fights pissed me off. Thank God Ultra 4 just hit BC on X1 Thursday.
Halo after Bungie left.

Tomb Raider after they started straight ripping Uncharted.

Gears of War after Epic stopped developing them themselves (Judgement basically).

Dead Rising after 3 came out and watered the formula down to it's most generic elements.

Resi after Resi 5 basically killed the "horror" part of the series. Though thankfully things are getting back on track with REVII, so I'm coming around on the series again I think.
Loved Civilization a lot. To me, the peak of the series is Civ IV with a pair of expansions.

The, Civ V came and... it was bad. I mean, real bad, to my tastes.

So, I went back to Civ IV.

So, still loving the series, yet did not get Civ VI.

I had a similar experience with Street Fighter IV and V.
Sonic. It really doesn't take a genius to figure out why either. I'm hyped for Mania but honestly Forces looks like a weaker version of Colours/Generations, and after Lost World and Boom, they needed something really good.

Halo is another one, and I think that's because of the direction 343 are going in. I really wanted to like Halo 5 but it just didn't feel fun to play. I still like the series for its entries prior to 4 but recent titles have been kind of meh.
Kingdom Hearts.

Before the remasters were released the non-numbered games were spread across various platforms which kinda killed my interest in the series for quite a while.

Despite my current level of interest I'm expecting to get back into it and play the remasters right before KH3 comes out.
Rabid may be a slight overstatement for some of these but oh well

Mass Effect: 3's auto-dialog, more poor writing than general and the god awful ending.

Cod: Modern Warfare 2 being a terribly unbalanced and glitchy mess with a faster ttk than I would have liked.

Battlefield: I loved the older ones and Bad Company 2, was so excited for 3 to finally return to the roots and they fucked it up with attachment/grind bloat for weapons and vehicles (you had to unlock flares lol) which was not only unengaging but also contributed to a lot of balance problems. The maps were also a huge disappointment and rush was awful. Oh yeah and the console versions looked like poop and weren't balanced for 24 players at all. I played on both pc and 360 though. Also the season pass splitting up the playerbase. Then BF4 was a general improvement but it was broken for the first 6 months. And then Hardline... thank god 1 exists, even if some of their decisions are questionable.

Battlefront: 2015 just being a poor game in almost every aspect except for visuals and sound design. I've ranted about it before and could find it if anyone is interested.

Gears of War: 3 was one of my favorite overall games of last gen, with my favorite TPS pvp and a great horde mode and co-op campaign. Judgment was pretty awful except for a few novel campaign ideas and 4 was mediocre.

Halo: Reach made firefight worse from odst and had quite a few mp problems and was a bit slower than I would have liked but the campaign for it was still great. 4 had a terrible campaign with terrible enemies, much worse music, awful sound mixing, qte final boss, laughable writing that made it almost impossible to understand without reading the books or terminals on the website. Terrible spartan ops and while the multiplayer had better movement and gunplay than Reach the rest of the mp was mostly abysmal. Didn't bother with MCC (thankfully) and 5.

Dead Space: I loved 1 and loved 2 even more. 3 was an actively bad game that I couldn't finish and if 4 was gonna be anything like 3 then I have no sadness that the series is dead. Terrible villain, ruining Ellie, universal ammo/crafting destroyed the unique weapon upgrade system of the past games and made it so you just end up making one God weapon and rolling with that. The save system was the worst in any modern game I've ever played, they got rid of the save points for some reason, don't let you manually save even outside of combat and it auto saves at random long intervals but it doesn't tell you when it's auto-saving or when the last auto-save is so I lost 50 minutes of progress because I left and assumed it had saved. Environments were either boring slogs (first half on ships) or wasted potential (snow planet) and the ending was a joke.
Phoenix Wright used to be a day one buy to me but the switch to digital-only combined with the mediocrity of AA5 has made me kind of weary of A6. I'll still buy it but I've definitely not as fervent a fan as I was before.

I used to care about Metal Gear Solid but the combination of MGS4 and Peace Walker kind of killed my interest in the franchise. I really liked the Octocamo system in MGS4 but then they barely used it, then they just ignored it completely in the sequels (since they were all prequels). And Peace Walker was a grindy borefest and it looked like MGS5 was just doubling down on that so I lost interest in the franchise. I liked when the games were linear but fun to mess around in, MGS3 was the peak of that, and every game sense has been too big for its own good.

I'll still buy MGS5 when I get a PS4 but I've long stopped caring about spoilers for the game, especially since everything I've heard about it has made it sound like an outright mess.
A lot of similar opinions here:

Final Fantasy: Lost me with XI and XII.
MGS: Went off the deep end with MGS4 and Peacewalker.

Honorable mention: Disgaea. While I've never been a huge fan of Disgaea, buying Disgaea 4, after playing 3 and buying DS, made me feel bad when I realized that they've done nothing to really improve or fix the issues the games had, while the writing - which was bad from the outset - went off a cliff.
World of Warcraft. I use to consume everything about WoW. I had spreadsheets on my computers that allowed me to see what gear i needed to upgrade my dps the most so i was prepared for raids to know what to use my dkp on. Pretty sure Thottbot was my homepage too.

Now i just buy an expansion whenever, level to the cap, finish up story, do some 5 mans and lfr maybe. Then i quit for a couple of years.
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Rare as a company

They put out entries that were great, then they had a misstep that was still good or really good, but they followed it up with an abomination for what I enjoyed about the series. I call it quits when it's two bad ones in a row.
Pokémon and Final Fantasy.

Both were pioneers of their forms and then quickly settled into a comfortable rhythm. Pokémon especially is guilty of this because at least Square Enix shipped a decent product after an extremely protracted development period. Pokémon company hasn't done anything remotely exciting with their mainline games in ages.
A bit OT but PC Gaming.
Back in the day I was totally addicted to have the best PC I could afford and played for hours a day on PC, but now I can't find any enjoyment nor motivation and when I play on PC it feels simply wrong.
I have also get myself a really good PC for gaming last year and bought a lot of games on steam trying to reenact my interest in the platform but played less than 5 games in a year.
Maybe I will come back in the future but for now portable gaming is the only one when I can really enjoy myself.

To try to go back on topic, two of my favourite genre (Simulation and Graphic Adventure) are greatly suffering from this.
I was a Halo fanatic until after 3, probably poured over 1000 hours into 2 and 3 online and so much LAN play on the first. Playing Reach felt painful to me, I just couldn't understand why they were iterating on a perfect formula and adding all these loadout variables etc. that to me totally bastardized the balancing of weapon placements and map design. Still hurts to think about but I get looking back that they couldn't just keep making the same game over and over.

Edit: I actually owned Halo 4 and had fun playing it with friends, but by then the interest had severely dropped.
The plot of MGS3 didn't blow me away the way it did most people and as an action game it was completely overshadowed by RE4.

Tomb Raider reboot dispensed of all the tomb raiding.

Kingdom Hearts had too many side games that were essential to the plot.

My fandoms of FF and Resi have been on life support for years, thanks to XIII and 6 respectively. Feel like they're both one more good-but-not-great entry away from being casual interests.
Paper Mario - Lost me after PM2. Still haven't tried Color Splash and I'm not too eager to do so

Mario Party - Lost me after the N64 era. Could just be because my friends don't care

Resident Evil - Loved 4 and 5, have no interest in what they put out anymore.

Halo - I've beaten every Halo game and skipped 5 when they removed co-op. 4 was also underwhelming, but I'll return to 6 if co-op is back in.
Halo was my most played series ever (probably thousands of hours of Halo:CE - Halo 3). I also enjoyed ODST and Reach. I dont own a Xbox any more tho so can't play any of the recent ones. So went from by far my most played games to nothing.
Fire Emblem. Radiant Dawn was such a high point in the series for me. Around that time I would have easily considered Fire Emblem a top 10 franchise for me. Then Shadow Dragon being a pretty medicore and ugly looking game killed a lot of momentum but I was willing to give them another chance. One misstep shouldn't doom a franchise. But Awakening is just an awful game. The art's ugly, the map is design is horrid, the characters are awful, etc. I don't know if there's anything I actually enjoy about that game. And once again I got suckered into buying Fates: Conquest since I heard "it's like classic fire emblem" and "they improved it a lot". And while I would agree it's far above Awakening (the worst game in the series imo) it still suffers from very poorly thought out decisions. I didn't end up finishing it and haven't played Shadows of Valentia. I think the only way for me to get back in would them to remake Genealogy of the Holy War or Thracia 778. And even then they would probably change it for the worse.
Paper Mario is also another one. 1 and 2 are 10/10 games and have excellent designs, writing, characters, tone, mechanics, etc. Super Paper Mario was decent but not what I wanted. Haven't even bothered with Sticker Star, Paper Jam, or Color Splash.
Paper Mario - Color Splash broke me

Halo - ODST felt like the last real hurrah. Reach felt really rough. Then 4 happened.

Mega Man - Just a lot of baffling decisions over the years from so many spin-offs and complete half-assery of X6-8. I knew something was wrong at 7, but it didn't really dawn on me until X6. ZX/ZXA were fantastic, but they killed that series deader than dead after that.

Dark Souls - Too many games, too fast.
Used to love COD. Played just about every entry from Finest Hour on. Bought Black Ops, played it for a bit, then took a break. Tried to get back into the series with Advanced Warfare, no dice. The series just changed so drastically, and the online, in my opinion, just turned to a cluster of ridiculous killstreaks and MLG wannabes.

I want to have faith in COD:WW2, but I'm just expecting more of the same.
Tomb Raider. I still enjoy the new games as decent AAA releases, but it has become increasingly clear that Crystal Dynamics have no interest in exploring the things that made it one of my favorite series in the past. At this point I've given up hope that anything but a spiritual succesor with no real connection can give me what I want.
World of Warcraft. I use to consume everything about WoW. I had spreadsheets on my computers that allowed me to see what gear i needed to upgrade my dps the most so i was prepared for raids to know what to use my dkp on. Pretty sure Thottbot was my homepage too.

Now i just buy an expansion whenever, level to the cap, finish up story, do some 5 mans and lfr maybe. Then i quit for a couple of years.
Yeah, forgot to mention this one as well. Just could not get back in to the game after Vanilla WoW. I can see how the game is objectively better now, but the magic is just gone.
Call of Duty (SP - I don't play MP).

I was a huge fan of CoD1 on PC, really liked 4, and bought 2 as one of the first games I ever got on Steam and enjoyed that a lot too. WaW was also really good and I appreciated the emphasis on the Pacific theater and the grittiness of the presentation.

Unfortunately though, with MW2, after the whole no dedicated server controversy on PC (which was my main platform at the time) and making it $60 instead of the then-standard $50 I decided to boycott the game and only last year got it used - suffice to say I don't really think that was a mistake. The games are good for a fast game you want to unlock trophies in but they don't feel as coherent and solid as they used to. The other entries I've played (MW3, Ghosts (didn't finish), Blops, Blops 2 (partway) and AW) leave this impression so I don't feel like I've missed out on not getting them sooner. BLOPS 2 especially felt quite ridiculous even after the somewhat contrived story/theme of BLOPS 1 and after the bit about
taking out tanks while on horseback
I realized I just wasn't having fun.

Series in which you went from rabid fan: Dragon Age Origins

to having a casual interest: Next Dragon Age

What lost you: Dragon Age 2
This. Dragon Age 2 left a sour, sour taste - just 5 minutes of the demo was enough to kill my interest and I was a huge fan of the original.

Total War series. I just got fed up with the half finished products after Rome II. Pretty much all titles after M2TW were bad, with Shogun II being so-so. I think the new Warhammer titles are an improvement, but I just don't care about that franchise one bit, so I'm waiting for another historical title to check back. I still think those games are better bought a year after launch due to how buggy they launch.
This is another really good one. I had a better experience with Rome II and really enjoyed Shogun 2, but like you, I don't care for Warhammer at all, and while I thought I'd like Attila a lot, it feels like the games are continuing to keep the same issues while not really progressing in the actual gameplay. That, plus like you say the games themselves wind up having issues with bugs and are better off bought a while after release. I still remember this from Empire:

Paradox games seem to do a lot of the things better - being able to trade land, the concept of cores and claims, and avoiding "well you're big now so lets just create a giant deathstack to make the late game hard" like civil wars in Rome II, the AE in Shogun 2, and the respawning Huns in Attila. For someone like me who mostly enjoys the campaign portions of Total War games it's been hard to get into Attila or back to Rome 2 (which is one of my most-played games).
Mario... After Super Mario World and Mario 64, everything went downhill. I detested the Galaxy Games. Mario 3D World was a step in the right direction though, and who isn't excited about Mario Odyssey? Still casually interested in the series, but hoping Odyssey rekindles the obsessive joy I had of playing the games back in the day.
The Ace Attorney series. Was a big fan, but after Dual Destinies the games became too stale in my opinion, and I lost interest in the new characters and found the cases a bit boring. Plus the fact that I don't own a 3DS (played DD on iPad, which was actually quite nice). Hoping for a reboot on Switch at some point.
Assassin's Creed. AC3 killed it. Not only was the game shit but they killed the present day stuff which I get why so many didn't like but I was really looking forward to where it was going. I liked Black Flag and I think Syndicate is the best one but I didn't care at all about Unity and I don't even know if I'm getting Origins.
Huge FF fan back in the 90s, then FFX happened. FFXII was a step in the right direction, and then they messed up again with XIII, XIV and XV.

Huge Deus Ex fan and bought the first 3 games at launch, I still don't have Mankind Divided, first because of the microtransactions and later because of the complaints I've read about it (one hub, sudden ending and so on). Same with the Thief series really, while I bought Thief 4 on a Steam sale not long ago, I have yet to play it.

Was really into Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid too, but then MGS2 ruined that as I really didn't enjoy the later parts with Raiden. I have yet to play my MGS4 copy and I bought that 8-9 years ago, I just keep choosing other games to play.

Oh, and Metroid and Other M. Ugh.
i used to love Halo back in Halo 2\3 days, then my X360 broke so i bought a PS3 and forgot about Halo, then when the PSN got hacked, i purchased an Xbox 360 with Halo reach, i played the campaign and it was a disappointment, played the MP and i hated it even though Halo 2 MP was one of my most played MP games of all time and it was just offline, i lost interest in Halo Reach because i was used to games like COD and Bad company 2, i forgot how Halo was

so i lost interest in Halo, then i purchased Xbox one and played Halo MCC, LOVED the series again, then i figured i should try Reach, the Halo game that ruined the series for me, guess what, Halo Reach MP became my Favorite Halo MP, i was so wrong about it and i was blinded by COD and Bad company 2, i put about 350 hours on MCC even though it was broken, i still enjoyed the fuck out of it, then Halo 5 came out, amazing MP, put probably 200 Hours on MP, i didn't like the campaign though

Halo is still amazing to me, thanks to MCC
Metal Gear Solid 4 killed my rabid enthusiasm in that series and Kojima. I bought a PS3 for that game. I could never go that far for Kojima again after the massive disappointment that game was. MGSV was fun but if I'd come in a super fan, it'd also have broken me.

Final Fantasy XI put my interest in FF on hiatus, XII killed it, XIII let it stay dead, XIV sort of semi-revived it, and I only survived XV because I didn't care so much.
Yeah, probably Final Fantasy. I came up in the PS1 Era and loved everything about the series. XII came out freshman year of college and I enjoyed it but didn't finish due to commitments, and by the time Xiii was out I didn't care anymore.