SFV Falke Releases on 4.24.18

Falke looks amazing, I like her style, voice everything....She's much bigger/taller in size/height than I thought she would be. Initially, I thought she would be about Cammy/Decapre size, but I like her dimensions. Looking forward to playing her, seems like Poison fans just received their main ;)
This looks like the type of character I was hoping to get with Ed. Zoning option character. I'm not sure I am still willing to throw money at SFV, but if there's a free trial period with her, I'd give her a spin.

Why is every character blonde still?
Interested in trying her out. Kinda concerned that her inputs seem to be like Ed's, though. Liking that she has a low fireball. Her super seems kinda eh, but everything else looks good.