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Shadow of Conspiracy: Section 2

Jun 2, 2017
hadow of Conspiracy: Section 2 is a narrative-driven, third- and first-person action role-playing game, combining shooter and stealth mechanics in challenging combat sequences.

Here, players get to experience a completely unique setting in a dystopian, future vision of Berlin, 2087 as they investigate a police chief’s murder; find a missing girl who’s a key to solving that puzzle, and embody Nolan—an elite cop with a mysterious past, uncovering a far-reaching conspiracy.

This deep, cinematic detective thriller puts the player’s mind, body and soul to the test as they deal with themes like guilt, love, friendship, sacrifice and betrayal.

Key Features

  • A true next-generation experience thanks to the early adoption of Unreal Engine 5.
  • Implementation of Metahuman allows for photorealistic characters.
  • Inspirations for this brand-new intellectual property can be found in movies like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell (1995), as well as games like The Last of Us and the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • Explore a setting that you’ve never seen before: Berlin in the year 2087, a cyberpunk metropolis shielded by massive walls from its devastated open world surroundings, where outcasts gather and malfunctioning machines roam the land.
  • Meet the citizens of Berlin, who are plagued by corruption, inequality and cyberization.
  • An emotional main story and hours of extra content consisting of gripping side missions, heart-wrenching moral dilemmas and electrifying investigations.
  • Test your reflexes in exciting combat sequences, and your wits in challenging puzzles.
  • Customize your character’s abilities and weapons for whatever playstyle you prefer, choose from a vast array of shooter, stealth and role-playing game mechanics.
  • Relive the story from the antagonist’s perspective.


Aug 9, 2014
Game looks good especially since it's listed only as a prototype. The animations need work and the lens flare need to be toned down but otherwise, has potential. Like that you can switch between first and third person on the fly. Just hoping that both perspectives play equally great. Will keep an eye on this game even though it's probably at least 3 years away minimum.


Jan 22, 2020
Looks like a good start. The camera shake is a bit much and the depth of field on the gun, close up stuff is ridiculous.