Shank 2 |OT|

Two EA games in a row with full Steam support and a day 1 launch? Is it just because the game is self published like I think Amalur was for Steam?

More on topic, I haven't seen much of this game, but the first one was really a lot of fun so I'll probably end up getting it sooner than later.
Just found out about this a few days ago. Is there anything new in the single player? Looks like just more Shank (which isn't a bad thing). I need to finish the first. I enjoyed it but got busy and didn't pick it back up.
Got the first one in HIB4 and played it over christmas. It took me by surprise. Unlike most 3d beat 'em ups Shank doesn't require the player to remember a long list of button combinations to be able to excecute all attacks. Will have to check the sequel out.
this game needs a patch asap. i am at level 6 now and the graphical glitches are horrible: at the beginning of level 6 some areas of the level just dont load and you see black "blocks" , once all assets are loaded in and the action starts, the framerate stutters pretty heavily, it even stops for 1-2 seconds sometimes.

the bossfight in level 5 was also full of slowdowns and stutterers. i dont think its the framerate, it seems like loading/streaming problem. my 360 is fine btw.

its a real shame because otherwise, the game is really great.
Always glad to have another beat ém up. I'll probably pick it up around payday. Shame about that slowdown though, hope they get that patched up quick enough.
Just played the trial and I'm pretty impressed. The combat is deeper and more responsive but I'm not sure if I like the new controls.

Anyway, I'm gonna buy it pretty soon, loved the first one, gathered all the trophies.
I played through the first 3 levels on 360 and havent encountered any glitches/slow-down so far...

As a big fan of the first game, I couldn't be happier with this sequel. Glad to see all the problems with the original have been ironed out.
I played a couple of levels and the combat is way more responsive than the first game. It seems improved all around, even if the base concept hasn't changed.
Played the first two levels. Feels a lot like the first game, but still a lot of fun. Those big guys are always kicking my ass... haha. Got to use that dodge.
The co-op survival in this game is so much fun! I played with a buddy at my house for a couple hours last night and I loved it. We couldn't quite finish it though. Only got up to the third boss wave. Also really love using Corina with the scythe!
Haven't played the second one but putting the dodge to the right stick in this game sounds like a horrible idea. In the original game because of the i-frames at the beginning of the dodge you could skillfully ignore a lot of attacks (like if a big guy was rushing at you, you could just dodge forward right through him) like a proper action game. Is the dodge de-emphasized or something? I don't see why they would change it from an easy to reach button to the right stick.

Edit: Is the game more balanced as well? The shotgun was comically broken in the first game (made an already easy hard mode a breeze).
Just finished the single player on Hard. Shame this is getting swept under the rug, it's pretty awesome. I was in the camp that loved the original, and this is equally enjoyable. I do wish it had a co-op campaign, but the Survival stuff is damn fun. As mentioned before, I also encountered some slowdown and nasty hitches at a particular part, and there is a loading bug where parts of the environment are blacked out. Also, the daggers are this game's shotgun. You can zone like a fool with them and they come out quick with little cool-down.

Definitely recommended to fans of the original and anyone looking for a quality beat 'em up.
I really want this game but my backlog is huge enough as it is :(

Really liked the demo. Combat definitely feels more fluid than in Shank 1.

Shame that EA left this to die.
Beat the single player mode in a single sitting. Short, but satisfying, and with a good difficulty curve.

Combat was responsive and smoother than the original.


- Pacing and level design was better in the original

- Boss fights were better too

- Lack of a separate Coop story mode like the original is extremely disappointing. Survival mode is fine, but going through levels with a friend is sorely missed.
I just got the last achievement for Shank 2 and boo-urns at the lack of Shank 2 love in here.

Oh, and I just realised the Konami code unlocks a secret character called 'evil' on the survival mode character select screen.
The problem with games like this is that the risk of buying advertising is huge to the publisher, they are on thin margins already so if they buy a bunch of advertising and it doesn't really increase sales a whole lot then the game really turns into a big loss for publisher. So instead they seem to be playing a game of darts and looking for the games like Limbo that somehow spark a flame without a huge amount of advertising.

Similar thing is basically happening with iOS games these days, some devs think that having EA or Chillingo publish will get huge amounts of advertising but then the publisher turns around and barely advertises it...outside of name recognition the games barely get a boost.

Lots of XBLA/PSN games undersold this year, it's really frustrating and I'm also frustrated that major magazines/game websites don't pick up on the problem and help support these middle tier games.
I want to know why PSN users got dicked over with trophies. The XBL version has about 6 more single player cheevos than what we got. Inexcusable and makes no fucking sense whatsoever.
I got the game free, courtesy of PlayStation Plus. It's plenty of fun, with a variety of attacks and some cool combos to execute.

So it looks like no one is playing this, but I'm stuck on the Cannibal (5th?) boss. Any tips?
I just defeated him yesterday. Here's what I recall:

1. The boss is a "heavy" enemy, and has a charge attack that deals a large amount of damage. Use the right stick to dodge the charge, then counterattack.

2. There are several corpse bombs hanging above. Make good use of them, either for the boss himself, or his henchmen.

3. There are also lots of weapons strewn on the ground. Pick them up, and toss them at the boss from a distance. Toss small enemies at the boss, too.

4. If I remember correctly, there are a couple of cauldrons, of which the contents ignite when the cauldron is spilled. You can trap enemies in the flames, but avoid them yourself. Throw the empty cauldrons at the boss.
Made it to the last level on Hard and it is kicking my ass. I make it pretty far it feels like, but mess up and I haven't gotten to a checkpoint. Starting from the beginning again is rough! Going to give it another try tomorrow.
Played through on hard for my first playthrough. Was pretty fun although maybe still a little bit too easy (although the last level was pretty awesome). Overall fighting definitely seems better than Shank 1 thanks to a lot of small changes and in general just better scenario design (and they added in-air dodging too!). At first I wasn't sure about the right stick dodging but it seems to work out fine and it means they got rid of blocking which was fairly useless in Shank 1 anyway.

My main problem with the game is that the shotgun is still significantly more powerful then every other weapon in the game. It is a slightly ranged weapon that puts multiple enemies into stun and at point blank it does more damage than the sledgehammer it seems. It is also super fast and incredible safe. It isn't as crazy as Shank 1 where Shank would continually move forward while shotgunning to make it even easier (and you could cancel the shotgun fire in Shank 1 to basically annihilate all enemies) but it is still kinda bad.

But yeah moves to spam if you want to get through the last level:
Shotgun in general.
The running forward smash with the sledgehammer is really good. I think it has guaranteed knockdown when it hits so after you hit just roll back and repeat while they are the ground.
If you are down to one large enemy just use the leap over and over, it is 100% safe.

I played the survival mode for one game with some random guy and it seemed pretty cool too.
So I just beat this game a few days ago, after getting it for free via PS+ and I have to say this game just didn't interest me that much.

It's weird because it's a good looking game, soundtrack is nice, controls are tight and responsive and it's not overly long. Though like a poster mentioned above, the game looks almost too clean and sterile, very flash game looking and that is kind of a turn off.

It's hard to articulate why exactly I found it to be not very interesting but apparently thats how a lot of people felt as it seemed this game must have bombed or at least didn't sell that well.

Even at the very low price of free I don't even think I could recommend this game just because I don't think it's worth someones time(despite being short) especially if you have a huge backlog like I do.
Finished today, I fucking loved it. It was a nice step up from the first. Combat is so fun.

Can anyone recommend similar 2D beat 'em ups? I'm not too familiar with the genre, but I love the combo system in this.