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Shantae Half Genie Hero E3 Trailer

Cancelling my Mighty No. 9 pledge so I could go ALL OUT on the Shantae Kickstarter was one of the best things I ever did.
Cancelling my Mighty No. 9 pledge so I could go ALL OUT on the Shantae Kickstarter was one of the best things I ever did.

I almost pledged to this kickstarter but it ended at the last minute when I was going to do it, oh well I'm still buying this day 1 regardless.


Doesn't look as good as Pirate's Curse to me, but that was pretty much the perfect Shantae game. I do think they've improved the animations a lot. They were ropey at the start of development.

Still interested.


Wow looks considerably better than Pirate's curse all around. Looks like they kept everything good about it and then expanded on it significantly.

The animation, backgrounds, enemies etc are also all astounding.
Really happy with how this is turning out. I need some more good Kickstarters under my belt after the immense regret I have for Mighty No. 9 and Project Phoenix.


I know I've been cynical for most of E3, but this was hands-down the third most-hype trailer behind GoW4 and REVII this year (Although I'm more excited for Spider-Man overall, too). And the best part is, it's coming soon, and I already paid for it nearly 3 years ago! Unlike the other games, I'm just going to get a code for it in a couple of months, and then boom, I have it right then and there!


Wow that looks absolutely fantastic. I was really curious after they ditched pixel art, since I loved their art so much. Ends up, this looks really great. And damn, it's fast.

Can't wait for this to release. I'm ready for another Shantae game.


Seek victory, not fairness
Whoa, the boss at 1:03 really caught me by surprise. I thought all the characters were around the same size.

Was the footage sped up? I don't remember moves being that fast in previous videos. Looking good, regardless.


That was really fast paced compared to other trailers, I'm liking it!
Glad I backed this one. Will probably buy the physical version too.


Metroidvanias are far from my favorite genre, but I'll always make an exception for WayForward's sprites/animations. Can't wait to finally check this out.
I think it looks great and will buy but why do we need damage values on the enemies? It's not as if this is an open world RPG where combat is a choice and therefore I can pick and choose encounters based on risk (which is oft revealed by damage). On Shantae, what is the player supposed to do with a damage value? Provided you dealt damage, your only option is to hit it again. If there's some sort of critical hit systems for weak points I could understand, but those are better introduced with other visual mechanics such as flashes of colour etc.

To some degree, I feel it sullies the artstyle.
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