Shaqfighter Trademarked #isthisshaqfu2

Ah Shaq Fu, the fighting game that doubles as a joke. There’s no way Shaquille O’Neal would try to make another fighting game, right?

Well, maybe? Mine O’Mine, the company that runs, filed a trademark for Shaqfighter. Actually, make that multiple trademarks for video games, online games, computer game software, and action skill games. Perhaps, we ill see another Shaq fighting game again, but Sett, the evil nemesis mummy from Shaq Fu, probably won’t be back.
I could see an ironic Shaq Fu revival being moderately successful (Barkley, Shut Up & Jam comes to mind), but I don't think Shaq himself would ever be able to be in on the joke.
Fun fact: Shaq Fu started out as a basketball game until Shaq joked "Everybody expects me to play basketball why not a karate game" and the dev team took him the most seriously